Banc of America reiterates ‘Buy’ rating on Apple, raises price target

Analysts at Banc of America Securities have reiterated their “Buy” rating on Apple Computer (AAPL).

Banc of America Securities’ target price for AAPL has been raised from $79 to $84.

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  1. I just can’t wait to hear about the next exciting new product from Dell.
    You know, the one that will turn the company around?

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    Sorry Mike. Your days as a sh|tbox seller are coming to an end. Next time you fall off a horse, maybe you should quit riding.

    MW: “wish” (…I had bought a *LOT* more at $9.87)

  2. How typical! So, the idiot anal-ists at BOA concede that Apple will actually go up in the next twelve months from $79 to $84. Whoopie doo!

    I will be shocked if the gain over the next year isn’t an order of magnitude higher. But, it doesn’t matter for me. Apple will do its thing and go from victory to victory over the screams of the denial from the idiots. Buy AAPL and ignore the mooooooooooing herd.

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