DoodleCAD 1.2.1 released for Mac OS X

DoodleBytes has announced DoodleCAD (v.1.2.1), a 2D CAD and Illustration product for the budget conscious Mac OS X user who needs an easy to learn and fun to use illustration and 2D CAD application. DoodleCAD is a true bezier path (vector) based drawing application that produces scaled and dimensioned CAD drawings and diagrams of nearly anything you can imagine as well as true artistic illustrations.

DoodleCAD has a full set of standard tools for making simple shapes and text as well as complex curved and straight paths. Path and shape editing in DoodleCAD is simple and intuitive; just a click and drag. Show the exact size of individual parts, line segments or angles with just a few mouse clicks. When you’re done, you can export to standard image formats including TIFF, JPEG and PDF. Other options include the ability to copy just part of the drawing and paste it into iWork Pages, Adobe Photoshop or other Mac-based software.

With DoodleCAD, you can create art for art’s sake or create a scale drawing of your house remodeling plans. Draw a duck for the school newsletter or a full set of scaled and dimensioned views of that clever invention you’ve been meaning to build some day.

DoodleBytes LLC is a company that writes software based on the principle that computers are supposed to make tasks easier. DoodleBytes chose to throw all the traditional approaches to writing a CAD program out the window and start with a blank slate. The developers at DoodleBytes asked the question, “If you didn’t know anything about drawing diagrams or mechanical drawings, what would an easy to learn application look like?” The answer to that question was DoodleCAD.

You can download your free, unrestricted, trial copy today at:


  1. AutoCAD is the TRUE switcher App.

    This is by far the most requested app for OS X. The day this goes OS X native (if ever), is the day Windows begins to die.

    Oh, and OS X could use some great business apps. And I dont mean Office. I’m talking about the real heavy stuff that fortune 500 companies run on in house servers. Oracle DB’s and SAP.

  2. It has a very clean GUI and the Help section is just as appealing. It’s really quite nice, ihmo. Apple should grab this, figure out a no-brains-required tool usage implementation and fly with it.

  3. I would really welcome future versions of AutoCad Architectural Desktop to the Mac OS. After using the program from 7 years, I have found that it is really tied to the Windows OS. The bigger question is would Autodesk bring Revit over to Mac OS? It is a powerfull program that has many features that Desktop does not have. I have heard rumors that Autodesk will eventually fold Desktop into Revit. hard to say it if it would happen. Both programs are slowly converging with cross features.

    If Autodesk decide to make the switch, anybody who buys it should also buy a really good mouse with lots of buttons. We are not talking the Apple Mighty Mouse. IMHO is not the greatest of devices.

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