Orlando Sentinel: Apple’s 24-inch iMac versatile, seamless, makes working with multimedia a breeze

“Nobody beats Apple at computer aesthetics. From gleaming metallic finishes to ever-brighter displays, Apple consistently turns out handsome stuff that’s an ideal marriage of form and function. Unlike others, Apple doesn’t change merely for the sake of cosmetic tweaks,” Chris Cobbs reports for The Orlando Sentinel in a review titled, “All-in-one iMacs versatile, seamless.”

“The new iMacs are built around the latest Intel processor, the Core 2 Duo, bringing improved performance along with the ability to run both Mac and Windows programs. Even the priciest of non-Apple products can’t match that versatility,” Cobbs reports.

“My test model, featuring the new 24-inch screen, means the iMac now comes close to encroaching on the turf occupied by Apple’s pricier, top-of-the-line Mac Pro series,” Cobbs reports. “The 24-inch display offers higher resolution, better contrast and speedier graphics than the 17- and 20-inch iMacs. There’s plenty of room to open side-by-side applications and still have space for notes and tool palettes.”

“Apple’s software makes these multimedia options a breeze even for those with more enthusiasm than technical know-how. That’s another example of Apple’s seamless delivery of form and function,” Cobbs reports. “It’s pretty hard to find fault with the 24-inch iMac.”

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  1. Hey I just realised why a widescreen display (or 2 side by side) works better than a 4:3 one. Its because of the way our brains process stuff-and what we see through our eyes, we like a wide panoramic view of things. So the 24in wide display should be good. Or even 2 side by side with a gigabit network and apple remote desktop ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Is there a side by side comparison between Core Duo and Core2 Duo iMacs, with the same memory and OS version, doing Multimedia tasks? I’ve got a Core Duo 20″ and am interested in knowing if the Core2 would make much of a difference with FCP & QT.

  3. I want a Mac Pro without the Xeons. Give me a Core 2 Duo or a Kentsfield. And none of that slow and expensive fully buffered RAM. And the ability to upgrade the graphics with non-Mac specific cards, and a beefy high quality PSU to handle them. Oh yeah, and stuff it to the brim with Apple Leopard goodness. Is that too much to ask for?

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