Apple offers $20 off iLife ‘06 for .Mac members

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)As a .Mac member, you can now save $20 on iLife ’06 (regular retail price $79), with iWeb and the newest versions of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand. Offer valid October 10 through December 13, 2006.

iLife ’06 offers:
iPhoto: Organize and edit up to 250,000 photos, and share them with custom cards and calendars. And with Photocasting, .Mac can send entire albums directly to your subscribers’ iPhoto 6 or RSS browser.
iMovie HD: Transform home video into Hollywood-style movies using new Apple-designed themes, cinematic titles, and dazzling effects. Then turn them into a video podcast or share them with friends and family on .Mac.
iWeb: The newest addition to iLife makes it easier than ever to create impressive websites and blogs and lets you publish them to .Mac with a click. Choose from an extensive collection of Apple-designed themes like Travel, Gazette, and Baby. Drag and drop photos, movies, and podcasts, and even customize the template to suit your taste. Then add your text and click Publish. iWeb automatically publishes your entire site to .Mac and even helps you announce it to friends and family.
GarageBand: Easier music creation is just the beginning. With new podcasting tools, you can now create your own podcast, complete with background music and audio effects, and publish it to .Mac with a click using iWeb.
iDVD: Turn movies, photos, and music into stunning wide-screen DVDs. New Magic iDVD now lets you do it with just a few clicks. Or create a masterpiece using next-generation themes, customizable menus, and more.

More information about Apple’s .Mac and link to sign up for a free, 60-day trial of .Mac here.

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  1. So. How about $20.00 off iLife 07 (which will be introduced in three months)? If you don’t have 06 by now you probably won’t be getting it. Come on Apple, throw us Dot MACers a bone we can chew on.

  2. The arrogance! New meaning of adding insult to injury!

    My guess is that something north of 90% of Dot Mac customers already have iLife 06 and we are, what, maybe 90 days from the launch of iLife ’07?

    Note to Steve: keep assuming we are a pack of fools and see what that gets you! Oh, almost forgot, it makes you a zillionaire. How stupid of me.

  3. That is SO LATE !! The people who paid Apple $99 to own .mac, I am sure paid the $79 dollars by now for iLife ’06!

    There’s not really any incentive here to get .mac! The only incentive is that if I buy .mac and wait over a half year I can get $20 discount on iLife ’07!

    unacceptable. Let’s do what Randy said above, and get the ball rolling on the discount for ’07!

  4. I agree. I just renewed for my third year, but the choice is becomming more difficult. The syncing capabilities is what keeps me spending the $79 for dotMac. Yes, $79. For some reason it is less expensive buying a physical box from Amazon than renewing online with Apple!

  5. Anyone else here recognize that Peterson, NeverFade, and MacDude are the same person?

    MDN word is standard – like every post from this guy is so standard that it doesn’t matter what name he invents, we all know it’s him.

  6. Personally, with the integration between .Mac and iLife, I think that .Mac memmbers should always get a discount on whatever the current version is, just so that you can utilize the features in .Mac you pay $99 for to begin with.

    I can get email and storage for free.

  7. .Mac is just not compelling to me whatsoever. I find it the least attractive Apple offering; a moneygrab, comprised of token software services that can be obtained for free elsewhere, and small warehouse for old junk software after it fails to sell even in the virtual bargain bins.

    Now, if they would increase the virtual hard disk space to a size where I could do home directory back-ups, it would get serious consideration from me, but that would cost them money to implement and would go against the thinking behind this virtually expense-free service they now provide.

  8. A hint to kill the underlined text ads. Install SafariBlock Image and block links that contain *kontera*. While you’re at it, block all ads on the page ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  9. Apple is obviously trying to clear out their inventory. What they need to do is bundle iWork for free (like iLife) on every new Mac – that would be sweet!

    And, lol,
    I agree with you, but I think that the second Peterson on this page is someone mocking him.

  10. First Apple offers no Universal Binary for iWork users when the Intel Macs come out- it’s full price or Rosetta for you.
    Second, like stated earlier, iLife ’07 should be out in 90 days or so. I got iLife ’06 when I bought a new 20″Intel iMac (approx 2k w/tax). I don’t need iLife ’06.

    We (.Mac users) are still waiting for the advertised exclusive .Mac widgets for Tiger that mysteriously disappeared shortly before 10.4 came out.

    Start investing in .Mac before we stop investing in .Mac. It’s that simple.

  11. Earvin,

    I disagree. There is no free service available that syncs my keychains, bookmakrs, passwords, mail, calendars, various 3rd party apps, etc., seamlessly and painlessly.

    .Mac is great. Can’t live without it.


  12. Its a start… assuming it will continue to iLife 07. This combined with the update to the online mail (hopefully improvements on spam filter)… I reckon all the negative feedback is causing them to make steps in the right direction. I agree its substandard/overprices – probably the only thing they have that is a bit behind. We’re just all used to such great products and services that when they don’t get it right, it sticks out like a sore thumb!

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