Three new Safari 3.0 tricks produce Mac OS X Leopard lust

“You’ve heard about one or two of them, and you may even have seen YouTube video of Safari 3.0’s tab tricks. But let me tell you, as part of m Building Leopard project, discovering Safari 3.0 has left me with an insatiable desire to work in Leopard full-time. There are three standout features that I really miss when I “degrade gracefully” to other modern web browsers on my Mac—and that includes Firefox 2.0x, Opera 9.x, and Safari 2.x as my regular web companions,” Leland Scott writes for Musings from Mars.

Scott’s three new Safari 3.0 tricks:
1. Tabs on Steroids
2. Lightbox Searching
3. TextAreas Come Alive!

Full article here.


  1. Apple don’t need to match the Microsoft Vista hype since existing Mac users are gonna upgrade or not regardless. New users, if they’re considering OSX because of windows fatigue are gonna have to have Vista really sold to them to stop them moving and once Vista actually hits people will likely become more pissed off once they realise they dropped a large amount of money on it and are still stuck with shit in their house.

  2. Why won’t Safari open my home page when I create a new tab? I cheked the preferences, relaunced, rebooted and it still just gives me a blank page. I use Camino now with camitools to stop pop ups and ads.

  3. I dunno. You can already move tabs between Safari windows, so nothing really new there.

    I want MUCH, MUCH better control over the tabs, such as automatic refresh on a user-specified scheduled, tabs that never refresh whether the page want to or not, saving tabs as groups, etc…..

  4. I dunno. You can already move tabs between Safari windows, so nothing really new there.
    ‘Tabs’, please explain. Are you using a third party plugin? Safari in Tiger doesn’t have this feature as far as I know.

  5. and seeing as most people don’t even know what OS X is, , it won’t be an option for them.


    If people don’t know what a Mac and OSX is by now, they must be living under a rock.. Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads have been running regularly on major networks during prime time hours for the past eight months. There have been countless articles written on the benefits of Macs and OSX in nearly every major newspaper and online publication for the past two years. Time, NewsWeek, WSJ just to name a few…

    There is now at least one Apple Store in every major metropolitan shopping mall across the country with dozens of Macs on display.. These stores attract one million NEW VISITORS per week.. Apple is doing it’s part folks.. Macs are not a big secret anymore, people are learning…

  6. dunno. You can already move tabs between Safari windows, so nothing really new there.
    Andy C. Open prefs and under tabs, check ‘enable tabbed browsing’

    DanDrums, you’re wrong. You can’t drag tabs among Safari windows in Tiger. You’re “advice” is simply to enable tabbed browsing, not to enable dragging Safari tabs among windows.

  7. If Apple ever allows me to set a default so that clicking on a link (without holding down a modifier key!) opens that link in a new tab, I will switch to Safari. For now, it’s Firefox. Firefox also runs much faster on my Cube than Safari.

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