Analyst expects Adobe Creative Suite 3 release on May 1, 2007

“A major product refresh cycle is under way at Adobe Systems, and Wall Street is optimistic that it will provide significant growth for the company,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Adobe plans to release Creative Suite 3, the next version of its popular collection of graphic design applications, in the first half of 2007,” Seitz reports. “‘As far as the next product cycle, everything seems to be lining up,’ said Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst with Global Crown Capital.”

“Adobe is now integrating into its own products the products it got from its December acquisition of Macromedia. These products include Flash, for delivering multimedia content online, and Dreamweaver, for interactive Web design. For instance, Acrobat 8 contains Macromedia’s Breeze software for Web conferencing. Creative Suite 3 also will contain former Macromedia products,” Seitz reports.

“There’s a pent-up demand for CS3 among creative professionals who use Apple Computer’s Macintosh PCs, he says. CS3 is the first version of the product suite to run on Apple’s new Macs using Intel chips,” Seitz reports. “About 20% of Adobe’s total revenue comes from the Macintosh platform, MacMillan says. The rest comes from software for Microsoft’s Windows PC operating system. But the Mac share could be about 40% for the creative solution segment of Adobe’s business, he says. The company’s creative solution business unit accounted for 56% of Adobe sales through Sept. 1. Adobe’s knowledge worker solution unit, which includes Acrobat, was the second largest contributor, making up 26% of sales.”

“Pyykkonen predicts that Adobe will release CS3 on May 1… Creative Suite 2 came out in April 2005. The Creative Suite bundles products — such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign — popular with graphic artists,” Seitz reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple, two birds, one stone: Buy Adobe and rewrite the apps properly with Xcode while discontinuing future Windows versions. (Hey, we can dream, can’t we?)

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  1. Apple really should to buy Adobe and reverse the lack of good Adobe software to the Windows world.

    For example: make Flash player run slower in Windows for once. I mean, Flash player is even faster, emulated in Parallels with half the processing speed and 1/4th the RAM, than natively in OS X. That’s just bad.

  2. MAY!!??
    That’s still 8 MONTHS!!! I’ve defended Adobe for a long time now over its slow progress in bring native CS apps to the Mac, but this is ridiculous. Almost another year before I can get CS out of Rosetta emulation??? I’m glad analysts are happy, because I’m pissed!

  3. Okay, so that means…let’s see, 17 months after the first Intel Macs were announced before we get any Universal Adobe products (still not sure if the new Acrobat is Universal or not).

    Wonder what they’ll show at MacWorld SF in January. “We still don’t have a Universal Creative Suite…but just look at what you can do when you install Windows on your Mac…”


  4. Lessee…
    I have a G5 Dual, that is now a year old. I have InDesign CS 2, Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, Acrobat 6, and Dreamweaver MX. Maybe I’ll upgrade to the whole Creative Suite when CS3 comes out.

    Whatever, it is obvious that you don’t need the Creative Suite apps, else you’d have ’em.

    James, I have Graphic Converter and Photoshop. I need both, as do most creative professionals.

    Spark, Adobe released CS2 just before Apple announced the Intel Macs. Explain to me why the normal 18-24 month product cycle isn’t good enough. Some of us prefer to not upgrade constantly.

    Veronica, the sales breakdowns in the article were by Unit not by Platform.

  5. With Aperture, my need for Photoshop is much reduced. And hopefully with future versions of Aperture that will go down further.

    So I will be sticking with PS2 and I’ll be happy to live with the slower performance for the occasional use.

    Adobe has had a shedload of cash from me over the yeas and mostly I don’t feel the improvements they offered warranted it.

  6. indeed, wtf is Adobe’s plans for Freehand? Even though I work as much in Illustrator as I do in FH, there are just too many things that you just cannot do properly (or within a decent timeframe) in AI.

    BTW, how come there are about 10 new 3D modelers and 5 new compositing, tracking, grading – apps released every year – but no good plain 2D vector or graphic apps, say? I don’t mean some crap shareware toys – I mean truly professional stuff. Should there be one really good alternative to illustrator or Photoshop on OSX/UB now – that company would get rich pretty quickly. I mean, look at Adobe’s Apps. Does anyone else feel like Photoshop is heading the M$ Word route?

    Maybe we should set up an award for developers; €100K for the best Photoshop and/or Illustrator killer running natively on OSX/Intel. Adobe would shit their pants. IMHO, that would be worth a couple of hundred bucks alone.

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