10 Apple iPod vs. Microsoft Zune myths

“Poor Microsoft! Its abandonment of PlaysForSure partners and other strategies related to its solo iPod killer efforts have been mercilessly attacked before the company can even get the new device into the hands of users,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran writes, “On top of that, it’s also facing stiff competition in pricing. However, according to proponents of Ten iPod vs Zune Myths, the Zune is technically superior, with brilliant wireless sharing features, and will be able to compete with Apple’s iPod as a cheap loss leader. Ahem. They’re wrong, here’s why.”

Eran’s myths include:
• Myth 1: The Zune has a larger screen that’s better for movies.
• Myth 2: The Zune screen has a horizontal display mode for viewing movies in a wide aspect ratio.
• Myth 3: The Zune will play movies… or any video at all
• Myth 4: The Zune will do most everything else the iPod does at the same price
• Myth 5: The Zune offers similar hardware to the iPod at the same pric
• Myth 6: Wireless features on the Zune provide a compelling new feature.
• Myth 7: Microsoft will deeply discount the Zune as a loss leader to gain marketshare
• Myth 8: Microsoft will deeply discount the Zune as a loss leader to gain subscription income
• Myth 9: The Zune has excited a lot of users already
• Myth 10: Available in Brown
• Honorable mention Myth: Zune PlaysForSure

Full article here.
Competition is good, but only when the competition is good. Thankfully, Apple seems intent on competing with themselves instead of resting on their laurels.

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  1. If it’s one thing that bothers me about reading comments from various places (here, engadget, etc.), it’s that people spout off ‘facts’ that just are not correct.

    Like the Geico caveman says, “Do a little research.”

    More people need to see articles like this ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  2. The article seemed to say that the Zune does not have the ability to play back videos sideways to take advantage of the full screen size, yet it clearly will play back movies sideways – as the awesome photo of the dog demonstrates. I don’t get it.

  3. “The article seemed to say that the Zune does not have the ability to play back videos sideways to take advantage of the full screen size, yet it clearly will play back movies sideways – as the awesome photo of the dog demonstrates. I don’t get it.”

    Nick, Microsoft is basically saying the Zune will ship without video support. They will most likely add it later via firmware update, although it’s not clear how long that will take. It could be months, if not longer.

    The photo is a marketing photo. Microsoft lists support for various video format like MP4 and WMV, but there’s a difference between “supported” and “actually enabled to work.”

    For example, Verizon shipped a lot of Bluetooth phone but kindly disabled the feature. All the phone supported Bluetooth, but users were not actually able to use it. For whatever reason, video playback on the Zune will not be ready by launch time and Microsoft is remaining mum about when users will be able to get video going.

    This is going to bomb so bad. Imagine all the Zune fanboys excitedly unwrapping their Zunes and loading it up with their porn clips, and then suddenly saying, “WTF?! Why doesn’t it play video?!!!”

    I just can’t wait for that comedy!

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