New in Mac OS X 10.4.8: ‘Zoom using scroll wheel’

There’s a new feature in the Mac OS X 10.4.8 Keyboard & Mouse’s “Mouse” System Preferences panel: “Zoom using scroll wheel.” The same feature is also available for trackpad users who have the “Use two fingers to scroll” option turned on,” John Gruber notes for Daring Fireball.

The new feature is “on” by default, with the “Zoom using scroll ball while holding” modifer key set to the “Control” key (you can change this key if you like).

(Note: Some Daring Fireball readers report seeing this feature prior to 10.4.8; apparently it shipped with the driver for the new Wireless Mighty Mouse, and perhaps also shipped in the version of 10.4.7 that shipped with some recent Macs.)

More over on Daring Fireball here.

MacDailyNews Note: Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar (released July, 2002) introduced the “Zoom” feature designed for people who need the ability to zoom in and out at will, which covers pretty much all of us. More options for other accessibility capabilities are in the “Universal Access” pane of System Preferences.

As usual:
• [Command,Option,8] toggles Zoom on and off. That’s “Apple, Option, Eight” in English.
• [Command,Option,=] zooms in, centering on the cursor position when Zoom is on. “Apple, Option, Equal Sign”
• [Command,Option,-] zooms out. “Apple, Option, Minus Sign”

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  1. Very cool – my MacBook Pro didn’t do this before the 10.4.8 update – I tried after seeing someone do it on a MacBook.

    This has a very different feel than the old command-option-plus approach; this way is far more fluid and visually stunning.

  2. This scoll-zoom was ON, when I rebooted, with what looked like a 360x200pixel rectangle centered around my mouse. I thought it was my first bug with a point release, ever. Of course, I looked at my Prefs settings to see what had happened, and lo and behold, the scroll-zoom was ON, and my mouse settings had reverted to default, as the scrolling and mousing was slower than my normal speed.

  3. JadisOne, windows has some crappy magnifying program which doesn’t magnify the whole lot but just mirrors what you’re seeing closer up in a little bar at the top of the screen. If you want to see anything in it you have to make it take up a lot of room, and then theres no room for your actual apps. Crap. Just like windows. suitable, isn’t it?

    Oh and does anyone know why when my external monitor is set to a different resolution to my iBooks LCD I can’t move the cursor above about halfway up the screen? Zooming works fine if i turn the CRTs resolution down, but i like lots of real estate.

  4. Hmmm…I was doing it wrong, thinking it was the same old key combo (cmd option) and the scroll wheel. It works using just control and the scroll wheel but it still doesn’t show up in the mouse prefs. Ampar, does it show up in your prefs?

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