iWoz autobiography hits bookstores

“As teenagers, before they co-founded Apple Computer Inc., Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs would listen to Bob Dylan and the Beatles and debate which one was better,” Ellen Lee reports for The San Francisco Chronicle. “Dylan, with his soulful lyrics, won.”

Lee reports, “The two also pulled numerous pranks, at one point winding up in the back seat of a police car and talking their way out of getting arrested. And naturally they would dissect technology, from telephone systems to early video games to the first incarnations of the Apple computer.”

Lee reports, “Some of these stories are being told publicly for the first time in Wozniak’s autobiography, “iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple and Had Fun Doing It,” which arrives in bookstores today.”

Full article, including a link to a podcast in which Woz talks about his new book, early days of Apple and pranking Stephen Colbert, here.

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  1. it’s a shame that jobs refused to write the forward. perhaps there is a good story about a time when jobs got pants by the neighborhood gang and he was pissed that woz wouldn’t remove it from the book

  2. I obviously haven’t read the book, but the title is a bit presumptuous on Woz’s part giving the impression that Woz alone singlehandedly “invented the PC.” Most everyone with any interest in PC computer history knows the significant role Woz and Apple Computer, Inc. played in the development of the PC. I don’t know about “invented” though…

  3. nsapap.

    Woz was never an attention-grabbing person. I have no doubt that the title was chosen by his publisher. He was the hard-working computer geek who was essentially the brains behind the original Apple 1, though.

  4. How long is he going to milk the past?

    All he does is criticise the new OS and knock Apple.
    Then he has the balls to use the lower case “i”
    in the title and the latest reflective design style iTunes and uses it to promote his book. What input has he had in the latest look of Apple??????

    What a joke. Why didn’t he use the identity of his OS that he’s still so proud of. Like MOOF?

  5. “How long is he going to milk the past?”

    Probably once. It is called an autobiography for a reason.

    I think people need to get off his case about this. Woz was never the attention hog. I’m sure he was approached by the publisher to finally tell his story about his work. From what we’ve heard about the two Steves, it should be a terrific story.

  6. Yes, the rainbow colors were in the original apple logo. (He’s not gay, as far as we know!)

    I don’t like Woz appropriating the i moniker in the title at all. It seems disingenuous and misleading. He has had nothing to do with Apple during the recent period when Jobs and Ives invented the first iMac and other i-products since.

    Woz is however a self-less and generous person and we all appreciate his role in the golden era of apple.

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