Apple Macs now available at Circuit City

“Chalk up another US retailer that Apple has partnered with to sell its Macintosh computers. Those interested in purchasing a Mac can now go to their local Circuit City (select locations) or navigate their browser to Circuit City’s website,” Switch To A Mac reports.

Switch To A Mac reports, “Circuit City is selling the following Macs online. Check your local Circuit City to see if they are participating in the program as well as the models they stock.”

Full article here.

See Circit City’s online Apple Products store here.

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  1. I hope they do better than last time. When they previously carried iMacs (G3 days), the local CC had the computers, but not one box of Mac software. This despite the fact that they had a software section as big as most video stores.

  2. Hey… more exposure. That’s all. I don’t care if they sell 1 mac in circuit city. Smart people buy online and save tax and get more free stuff with their order. This is just another place for PC people to play with a Mac. So please… go play!

  3. Yup here in the metro Detroit area, I was pleased to see a CC store selling Macs. I look forward to when the CC store a mile from me starts selling them for when I want to just go look at a new one etc. Right now most of the Big box stores selling Macs around here are clustered relatively close together, in my opinion, near the Somerset Apple store in the richest county in Michigan.
    That would be Oakland county. It will be good to get them more spread out throughout the Metro Area.

    I met the bonafide Apple trained Apple employee named Shawn who was leading the introduction of the Macs in this particular store. Very knowledgeable and very friendly and the rest of the CC employees seemed interested in learning about the Mac as well.

  4. This expansion of retail availability for the Mac is vital. It will help bring in the sort of folks who might have easily bought a Windows PC, but chose a Mac instead without even understanding the issues. It is not about selling to the folk who visit this site.

    Apple is now rapidly building its retail presence and this signals that Apple knows that the great battle for market share is starting. It’s D-day.

  5. hmmnn. my post seems to have vanished…

    Rainy Day-
    you WANT macs to go mainstream (speaking as a shareholder here).
    In fact someone who posts on this board is APT to be more knowledgeable than the CC salesperson, so if you don’t need assistance, and the price is cheaper at CC

    (or, for instance, Sears, where I bought a clamshell ibook in ’00, and still going stong);

    then why NOT buy at CC?

    Don’t be elitist, geekoid!

  6. Who knows maybe this time around things will work a little better. I do hope that they have well trained people otherwise it will fail. I’m glad to see that they have some decent apps too.

  7. Here in SE NH the only CC stores I can find that are selling Macs are the ones in smaller cities, Concord and Portsmouth. The stores in the bigger cities, Salem, Manchester, and Nashua, do not have Macs. Perhaps CC is not allowed to sell Macs if they are within a certain radius of an Apple store?

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