Beleaguered Dell’s OS-limited PC sales ‘declining rapidly below expectations’ – analyst

“Dell’s moves to lower prices, hire more understandable customer service reps and stop product fires do not appear to be helping its immediate fortunes,” Ashlee Vance reports for The Register.

“Think Equity analyst Eric Ross warned today that channel checks in Asia show Dell’s PC sales ‘declining rapidly below expectations.’ Dell will likely struggle to correct the sales slip before the end of its third quarter, according to the analyst, and now faces a ‘near-impossible’ situation,” Vance reports. “The hardware maker may well need to issue yet another mid-quarter revenue warning – a process that’s becoming a tradition in Round Rock.”

“Dell’s management has been doing everything it can think of to try and revive the company’s fortunes. Sadly for investors, ‘everything’ doesn’t include all that much. Dell has moved to cut prices, eliminate rebates and hire more customer service representatives, thinking this will restore its image as a decent, low-cost computer supplier,” Vance reports. “In the meantime, exploding laptops and ongoing customer support horror stories undermine Dell’s ‘we’re better now’ pitch.”

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“ThinkEquity analyst Eric Ross, has a ‘Sell’ rating on Dell,” The Associated Press reports. “Dell preannounced a significant profit shortfall in its previous quarter, blaming falling prices and a slowing personal computer market. The PC market will likely continue to struggle, Ross said.”

MacDailyNews Note: Except for Apple, that is. From the info we have, Mac sales aren’t struggling.

The AP continues, “We have heard PC makers believe 2H06 is much flatter than they previously expected…” Ross wrote in a note to investors… Among Ross’ laundry list of problems faced by Round Rock, Texas-based Dell is a “management team clearly in disarray with factions fighting for power,” as well as a loss of key employees to major competitors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Did Michael Dell think “we’re coming after you, you’re in our sights” was a joke? Bzzzt. Dell should attempt the impossible and Think Different™ about that statement (Jobs wasn’t kidding) and his company’s limited future. Beleaguered Dell, with their OS-limited, economy-grade, ugly PCs simply cannot match Apple’s Mac offerings.

Why buy a Dell when Apple’s Intel-based computers will run both Mac OS X and Windows?

What would we do if we were in charge of Dell? Beg Steve Jobs for a Mac OS X license. We’d kowtow until bloody. Upon failing to achieve that miracle on earth, we’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.

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  1. There’s a significant difference between being good value and being just plain cheap. Dell have gone so bargain basement that not only is it becoming harder to lower the prices any further but even if they do it potentially serves to just worsen their image as making low-end stuff. Dell tried to sell computers to everyone but in doing so compromised themselves.

  2. You know, I’ve been coming to this site on and off for years..

    It’s the same old canned rethoric from MDN over something that really amounts to nothing.

    The ENTIRE PC industry is slowing down because it’s reflective of how the economies are in each particular country.

    Apple sales are slowing as WELL, sure the Apple Stores seem full, but it’s a illusion.

    You see for every Mac sold there might be 1-3 customers in store associated with that one Mac or iPod.

    Now in the buisness world where Apple doesn’t play all that much, three people meeting in a office, the IT head, the salesman and the boss, can authorize tens of thousands of computer purchases.

    Also Apple targets the location of their stores with the zip code of the most amount of previous buyers.

    Before Apple Stores, mom and pop stores used to sell Mac’s, and they would pop up in all sorts of locations. Because of the lack of previous sales informatin, demographics and other marketing data, a lot of these mom and pop Apple stores were not very busy at all.

    Apple is putting it’s best foot forward, but like playing blackjack, you can’t win against a bad shoe.

    Mac users by far have everything they need right now.

    PPC G5’s was the machine to have, lots of third party upgrade options, software titles and a kick ass processor.

    Now it’s Intel, and EVERYBODY has Intel.

    Mac’s are appearing to be turning into generic PC’s with the introduction of “Boot Camp”


  3. They’re all waiting for Vista to appear. Fools.

    No tears shed for Dell, but it’s a shame and a lesson at how the Microsoft monoculture can impact so many other businesses. It’s unhealthy.

    Let’s not all gloat too much. We can all quietly savor the decline of Dell.

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