Apple to unveil new retail store design with ‘iPod Bar,’ double number of Macs and iPods on display

“Apple Computer Inc. is unveiling a new store design to add more show room for iPod music players and Macintosh computers and stations where shoppers can get technical help for their products,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg.

Guglielmo reports, “The new stores will have an ‘iPod Bar’ and Studio where artists and musicians will offer advice on creative projects, said Ron Johnson, who runs Apple’s retail operations. Apple stores already have ‘Genius Bars’ for repairs and questions on Macintosh computers.”

Guglielmo reports, “The new design puts twice as many Macs and iPods on display and should speed customer service, Johnson said. More than 10,000 people visit each store a week… The new design is modeled after Apple’s New York store on Fifth Avenue, which opened in May and has become the company’s most visited outlet. It includes stainless steel walls, Italian stone floors, illuminated displays and larger tables for showcasing Mac and iPod models. The design also lets Apple display 50 percent more products from other companies that sell Mac software and iPod accessories.”

With the iPod Bars, “Apple is starting with two new stores in Providence, Rhode Island, and Columbia, Maryland, set to open this weekend, Johnson said. That brings the total to 164 outlets,” Guglielmo reports. “About 70 percent of customers seeking technical help use the company’s online reservation system to make an appointment to visit the Genius Bar at their local store. The reservation system also takes appointments for store iPod Bars and Studios. Apple has added iPod Bars and Studios in a few existing stores. They will be now be a standard feature in every new store built.”

“Apple’s redesign comes as rival computer maker Dell Inc. is experimenting with retail stores. Round Rock, Texas-based Dell opened its first retail showroom in Dallas on July 25, a 3,000- square-foot center featuring 36 products. The store doesn’t carry any inventory, so customers have to order products online for delivery,” Guglielmo reports. “Dell, the world’s biggest personal computer maker, plans to open another showroom in West Nyack, New York, this year, said Ro Parra, head of Dell’s U.S. consumer business. [Dell] also is dealing with unexpected issues, like the customer who came in and loaded a screen saver on its PCs that said ‘Apple is the best,” Parra said.”

Full article here.
Screensaver? Gulp. Uh… hey, don’t look at us! We don’t know a thing about any screensaver. wink

[Note: We do not condone installation of pro-Apple Mac screensavers on Dell or any other Windows PCs in homes, businesses or Dell retail experiments while they exist. Nor do we discourage doing so.]

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  1. I went into an apple store once and on one of the 30″ displays I loaded the terminal into full screen. I made the background black and the next green, and I pulled up a whole bunch of technical information. The dudes working in the store freaked out, and thought the computer had broke. It was wonderful.

    I would for sure compete in a guerilla screen saver contest!

  2. An honest-to-goodness, genuine, solid gold, prize-winning Wonka bar to de first person who gets all de screens in de store to say “Shut it down and give de money back to de shareholders.”

    Yeh-heh-hehessssss . . . I always wanted to say that.

    Ohh, and one 24k solid gold replica poop from yours truly.

  3. [Dell] also is dealing with unexpected issues, like the customer who came in and loaded a screen saver on its PCs that said ‘Apple is the best,” Parra said.”

    That is hilarious. But we shouldn’t condone it. That’s even funnier.

  4. Proposed screensaver:

    You’re going to buy a virus-riddled, functionally-limited dull little box, and you drove all the way here JUST TO PLACE AN ORDER??!?

    On second thought, too many words for a Dull purchaser…nevermind

  5. Nuevo Mexico store is being built as we speak, in Albuquerque. The question is, when will it open? It’s gonna be at the new (and really gorgeous) ABQ Uptown plaza at Louisiana and Indian School. I think only one store has opened there so far, a jewelry store, but it’s hard to tell how far along the others are. They advertised jobs for the ABQ Uptown Apple Store back in May and had interviews in July, so you’d think they’d be planning to open soon.

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