The Telegraph: Steve Jobs’ genius making people desire gadgets for which they have absolutely no use

“Steve Jobs is a genius. An absolute genius. Not for introducing the world to the iPod, iTunes and the iMac, but for his astonishing ability to make people desire gadgets that they have absolutely no use for,” David Derbyshire blogs for The Telegraph.

“Last night he was at it again. At a press event hosted simultaneously in San Francisco and London, he unveiled a new, small, gorgeous looking entertainment box for the sitting room,” Derbyshire writes.

“Designed to plug into an ordinary television, it connects wirelessly to any computer in the home, allowing the owner to watch video and pictures stored on the computer in the study (or ‘den’ as five year olds and Americans call it),” Derbyshire writes. “The announcement caused the predicted whooping and a-hollering from the American half of the press conference and a more muted snigger in London.”

“Not because it’s a terrible idea, but because of the name chosen by Apple for the prototype. According to Steve Jobs the bright, shiny future of television, the thing that will revolutionise the way the world watches television is called iTV,” Derbyshire writes. “Hopefully they’ll ask the advice of their British colleagues next time.”

MacDailyNews Take: “iTV” is a code name, not a final product name. This fact was made extremely clear by Steve Jobs during his preview of the device both verbally and in large text on his Keynote slides and in the iTunes 7 press release: iTV is the project’s internal code name and will not be the final product name. As a seeing and/or hearing human being, and certainly as a journalist, Mr. Derbyshire should easily have known this information before writing his piece, but then that wouldn’t have allowed him to take yet another unfounded, baseless swipe at Apple.

Derbyshire continues, “I’m always impressed by the ability of businessmen to sell us things we don’t need or want. You know the sort of stuff: shampoo so mild you can use it every day is one. Pre-moistened toilet paper. Or half strength coffee. Or lettuce knives. Basically what Apple have come up with is a box that will cost a couple of hundred quid that allows us to watch movies and television programmes on our television. And we’ll all want one. As I said, genius, sheer gneuis [sic].”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: First The Observer this past Sunday, then The Guardian earlier today, and now this bloody bugger from The Telegraph. What’s gotten into the Brits lately? Did Steve Jobs hop the pond in his Gulfstream and take piss on Big Ben last week or something?

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  1. If it has no use then why have so many people been waiting to see Apple unveil it.

    We all knew it was coming sooner or later. It was obvious the moment Apple released Front Row last year that it was only a matter of time before they would provide some sort of connectivity to the TV, and Front Row would be the interface.

    I’ll be getting one soon after it’s released.

  2. I’ve been meaning to write to the Telegraph about something else too. The reviewed 6 top laptops…and guess what, no Macbook or MacBook Pro.

    As regards this guy, just remember than in twelve months time he will be regarded with the same respect as the publisher that turned down the Harry Potter novels!

    Just amazing. Apple has a lot of educating still to do.

  3. They forgot to complain about his new shirt–which makes him look rather too thin, wot?

    Brits do a terrible job of hiding jealousy. I guess if they called it iBBC that would have been more palatable? Jeez, he made it CLEAR that it was a working name.

    The important thing by far–my WIFE thinks it’s neat…

  4. This idiot probably bitches about CDs and MP3s.
    “Why my 8-track player is just fine, why are people buying that useless CD player?”

    Technology marches on.

    Someday kids will be amazed that we actually drove to a store to look at movie selections, picked one out and brought it home to watch.

  5. “that allows us to watch movies and television programmes on our television.”

    Yes, but with the exception of plugging your 5G iPod into your TV, there was no realistic way of getting your digital content from iTunes to the telly, ya daffy bastard.

  6. Hey guys, now look here, I’m British too right. In the same way I regard some of my fellow Brits as complete cretins, you regard some of your fellow Amercans in the same way.

    So let’s try not to become to generic about this.

    But I do agree that British journo’s are looking like plonkers over this issue just now…!

  7. Washing hair once a day? Don’t the British only bathe once a month or something?

    iTV is a great thing. I’d love to have this out NOW, cause it would make life so easy. Just stream videos to a real TV…….amazing. Love you Apple!

  8. Well actually, I have absolutely no need for an iPod. I don’t even have any compressed music. lol. But I want an iPod anyway. So maybe this guy is right.

    But … I’m not an easy mark, eh? Just because I do want an iPod hasn’t made me actually buy one. I do frequently go to the store and fondle the iPods, however. ahahaha

  9. Chris: “Washing hair once a day? Don’t the British only bathe once a month or something?”

    I think you’re confusing us Brits with the French. We’re very clean over here, probably more so than the Yanks.

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