Mophie annnounces Radura clear cases for Apple’s new iPod nano

Moments after the newly designed iPod lines were announced, Mophie Illuminators lit up the night designing, tweaking, prototyping, and rendering a brand new case for the new Apple iPod. Less than 24 hours later, mophie unveils the Relo Radura to the award-winning line of iPod accessories.

The Relo Radura is made from clear, hard plastic, Radura provides clear protection for iPod Nano, yet lets iPod owners enjoy their colorful new aluminun clad Nano. Just snap your new Nano into the Relo Radura.

“People have always asked us to make a hard plastic solution for the innovative family of Relo products. We’ve made their dreams come true. And, there is a lot more to come,” says Ben Kaufman, Mophie Illuminator, in the press release.

New iPod Nano owners won’t have to wait long to get Radura. Mophie is shipping the newest Relo case on or before October 12. All pre-orders of the Radura come with a $10 rebate when purchased with any of the Relo accessories, such as Relo Run or Relo Ratchet. Like the original mophie “Base Case” modular concept, the new Radura affords protection to an iPod, while also slipping in and out of the other functional accessories in the Relo line, without the need to remove the iPod from the protective case.

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