What’s new in Apple’s iTunes 7

Apple today released iTunes 7 which includes many overall enhancements and new features, including:

Play games on your iPod
The iTunes Store now offers games you can play on your iPod: If you have an iPod that can display video, you can purchase games for your iPod from the iTunes Store.

To purchase and play games on your iPod:
1.In iTunes, click iTunes Store.
2. In the store, click Games.
3. Browse for a game and click Buy Game.
4. Connect your iPod to your computer.

iTunes automatically loads games onto your iPod when you connect it. You can play the games only on your iPod (not on your computer).

Watch box-office hit movies
Download movies from the iTunes Store.

Back up your iTunes library
Use the new backup feature to protect your iTunes library. Easily back up new songs or videos, iTunes Store purchases, or your entire library to CD or DVD:
You can easily back up your iTunes library, playlists, and iTunes Store purchases for safekeeping. To reduce the number of discs needed for a backup, iTunes can perform incremental backups (only items added or changed since the last backup). To burn a DVD, your computer must have a SuperDrive. Some third-party DVD burners may also work.

To create backup CDs or DVDs:
1. Choose File > “Back Up to Disc” and then select your options.
2. Insert a blank disc (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW).
3. Click Back Up Now.

iTunes burns the number of items that fit on one disc, and then asks you to insert subsequent discs to continue burning the remaining files. Don’t eject a disc while a backup is in progress. To restore backed-up files, insert a backup disc, choose File > “Back Up to Disc,” and then click Restore. Spoken programs purchased from the Audible website are not backed up. Discs you create using the iTunes backup feature can be used only to restore; they can’t be played in a CD or DVD player.

Browse by album cover
Flip through your collection by album cover using Cover Flow. Many songs, albums, and videos include artwork that appears in the artwork viewer when the item is playing or selected. To display the artwork viewer, choose View > Show Artwork. To see the artwork in its own window, click the artwork.

You can also browse your iTunes library using Cover Flow:
1. Click the Cover Flow button (the rightmost View button).
2. To browse your collection, drag the scroll bar or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
3. To play an item, double-click it when its name appears below the artwork.

Tip: To sort items by artist or album title, click a column heading.

More info and download link for iTunes 7 here.

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  1. Where did the equaliser go? Why can’t I have the visualiser in a window? Why do the icons along the bottom look so amateurish? Why can’t I get rid of the ‘STORE’ from the source list? Why does iTunes still not fade out of one song when I start another? Why has the ‘Burn Disc’ icon been relegated to the bottom where it looks clumsy and oversized? What happened to the ‘Search Bar’? Why does ‘cmd+1’ no longer bring up the main iTunes window?
    Grr this sucks

  2. Have to agree about the icons on the left – what is going on? Suddenly the usual polish we’ve come to expect from Apple is missing. I’m pretty sure I could do a better job myself.

    The separation is interesting on the left though, what other devices are likely to be used? Can we now use two iPod devices, or perhaps this is to allow the coming (greyed out option in custom setup) iPhone device to sync its songs.

  3. I also used CoverFlow before it was integrated into iTunes, and it doesn’t seem “less fluid and responsive” in real life. It may have been the webcast framerate that made it seem that way.

    The perspective changed just fractionally. In CoverFlow, you looked slightly down on the covers, in iTunes, you are looking straight at them, perhaps that is contributing to the difference in your perceived fluidity. I’ve got both programs running on two monitors right now, side-by-side.

  4. Equalizer and Visualizer are now under the View Menu, instead of the Window menu — just did some exploration. Don’t see a separate Window option for Visualizer, but some interesting options that might be worth checking out…

    MW=keep; I’ll keep playing with it till I get it right…

  5. I think the ‘real’ coverflow perspective is better, but that’s subjective. It doesn’t seem quite as responsive, but there’s not really much in it.

    The ‘alive’ factor comes from the way coverflow (not iTunes) reacts to the mouse. The covers shift around a little to show more of the cover under the pointer. This is WITHOUT having to hold down the mouse button. It’s like those albums are trying to get your attention. It’s small, but the original does it better.

    Album art population pretty much sucks. Nothing really wrong with it as long as your music is on iTMS. Most of mine seems not to be,


  6. And where’s the big round context sensitive button that used to be in the top right corner? If I selected the Podcast folder, this would turn in to an Udate button, and I’d click it to download the latest editions of my subscribed podcasts. With iTunes 7 it’s gone. How do I update my podcasts? (NB as of writing, Apple’s support pages have no info on iTunes 7)

  7. I am underwhelmed by coverflow. I have a .Mac account and I asked to get album artwork. I noticed many albums that the iTunes store has did not transfer to my library. Aren’t these supposed to be free now? For example, half of my my Rush albums do not have covers, Signals, Roll the Bones are two examples.
    Is this because I am in Canada?
    Hmmmmmm………I am feeling ripped off.

  8. i love it as a whole, but I really don’t like the new dock icon. at all.

    I LOVE the gapless playback. it brings joy into AAC downloads. Ever download an album from the store/rip it and be sad because of the gap between songs? no more! yaay!

  9. And I forgot…yeah its cool when you right click and can select find album art. One problem though, it says that you can only get artwork when purchased (and yes I have looged into my .mac account in iTunes).


  10. I’ve found that it takes a few tries to get all the album covers that are available on iTunes. Compilations seem to be a bit more problematic. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised how many of what I had thought were obscure albums were found.

    Oddly, some albums that come in multiple disks only show 1 or 2 covers but not all of them. For example, Ken Burns’ Jazz series only has a cover for one disk, the 3rd I think. Perhaps I should just keep requesting covers until all are found.

  11. Actually one of the most useful features hasn’t been covered really–the new Downloads pane. Obviously, this was necessary for longer downloads like movies, but an ancillary benefit is that now when you buy an album (or more than one song) you can download more than one at once and see the progress of each.

    As far as the UI, mixed bag. I love the coverflow and list formats, but I don’t know why they’re dulling down the interface. The scrollbars need to go–I REALLY hope that’s not what they have planned for Leopard. C’mon Apple, I know you want to make the OS look more “serious,” but you don’t need to make it dull, lame, and Windows-like in the process. Also, cut down on the use of ALL-CAPS–yuck.

  12. Another difference between iTunes 7 and the past versions is that when you put the Visualiser in full screen mode it no longer changes the resolution to 640 X 480. I liked the old way better because now the Visualiser performs slower and the album art is smaller on the screen.

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