The Motley Fool’s Lomax: Apple news ‘mostly underwhelming, with some potential future bright spots’

“The Apple rumor mill has been hard at work lately, with plenty of folks prognosticating about what exactly Steve Jobs would announce today in the company’s ‘It’s Showtime’ event. I found the actual announcements mostly underwhelming, with some potential bright spots on the horizon,” Alyce Lomax writes for The Motley Fool.

“First off, there’s a whole slew of new iPods at new price points, with increased storage capacity. For example, the newest high-end iPod will have 80 gigabytes of memory for $349. New iPod-ready video games like Tetris, Pac-Man, and Bejeweled, available through iTunes, are kind of nice, but certainly nothing earth-shattering,” Lomax writes.

Lomax writes, “While Apple did make good on digital movie downloads, it hasn’t gone the whole nine yards. Its first offerings are only from Disney (NYSE: DIS) and subsidiaries Pixar, Touchstone, and Miramax — a no-brainer considering Jobs’ Disney connection. The iTunes offerings also address one of the major hurdles in digital film downloading: price. New releases will sell for $12.99 when preordered or purchased in the week following the release of the digital and DVD versions, and $14.99 thereafter. (Older titles will sell for $9.99.) Those prices seem more reasonable than the fees charged by other nascent digital movie offerings like CinemaNow and Movielink.”

“Jobs previewed iTV, a device that will allow people to wirelessly view movies and TV shows they’ve downloaded to their Macs and PCs on their TVs. That device, expected to retail for $299, is probably the most exciting part of the announcement, but alas, iTV won’t be available until the first quarter of 2007. Meanwhile, one of the longest running Apple iPod rumors of all time — the mythical cell phone/iPod hybrid — remained a no-show,” Lomax writes. “Apple needed to impress today, and I’m not quite sure it did.”

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  1. unfortunately for all the naysayers Apple’s lead just got bigger. Apple does things one step at a time, even when the iPod came out most people were like “that’s it?”. Then when iTMS came out, people were like “that’s stupid” on these very same forums. Seriously, it’s funny how most people get it all wrong. Apple is dominating. iTunes 7 is HUGE. iTV is going to be great, but it’s gonna take awhile. Nobody can compete with the iPods. Apple WILL have the best solution for the living room, while MS will continue to flounder. Thems the facts.

  2. I loved this. In fact this last week’s Cupertino-based happenings have finally convinced three people I know to buy Macs.
    Apple will soon be everywhere you go for digital entertainment – your PC, your TV and your pocket.
    The reason Apple will never include a TV-tuner or -recorder option in something like iTV is…
    Other products already do it well, if not better. Think how easy it is to use a TV. Having a computer that can crash and get outdated and get viruses just complicates things.
    It competes with Apple’s business model of selling shows. If you can set your Mini to record the whole season of Lost that you can keep forever, what’s the point downloading it?
    Going international is more difficult due to the different TV standards, providers and rights-issues (though this point is also true for the current Apple model, hence the fact that the US is still the only store with TV shows).

  3. “Underwhelmed”?!

    I’d like to have these “underwhelmed” columnists compare the new iPods and iTunes with other similar devices. How can they be “underwhelmed” when there isn’t ANYTHING else on the market that even comes close?

    The best was made better, and all that these lazy-assed armchair quarterbacks can do is criticize Apple because they didn’t produce any of the fictional devices that these same “professional writers” were mindlessly yacking about in their rumor blogs.

    When their writing improves from year-to-year as much as the iPod does, THEN they can criticize Apple’s lack of innovation.

  4. What I find really disturbing are all those who are under-whelmed or disappointed by Apple’s offerings today, who act like Apple owes them something! Get over yourself because this is not about you and your feel-good moment.

    Any product lacking in some new feature you were hoping for will probably appear in good time, just like the seamless transition between songs; it probably took Apple’s scientists a while to figure that one out. So cut them some slack. Apple did reveal a little more of their business strategy today and in some respects fired a shot across the bow of the SS Microsoft.

    If you, like me, who are an Apple shareholder, you have no complaints either, especially if you share Job’s vision for the future, because regardless of how Wall Street reacts to today’s news, it doesn’t change their business strategy, which is to continue polishing the apple while inventing new stuff.

    Apple is in the driver’s seat, not the clueless Wall Street anal-cysts.

    My stock has good days and bad but I’m not going to dwell on a single day’s earnings, because I’m in it for the long haul and I’m certainly not in it for the money because I couldn’t make a large enough investment in Apple to matter. I am however impressed with Apple’s performance year-over-year.

    I am in it for are bragging rights though. I’m waiting for the day when I can look at all the nay-sayers in my circle of friends and family who have bashed Apple for years, called my computers toys, so that I can say to them, welcome to my world and what took you so long.

    There has never been any single event or product that evened my conviction that I’m on the side of a winner but a culmination of events, people, and things that have transformed silicon, carbon, metalloids, and steel to into objects of beauty, with style and class that make life a joy.

    Todays event was a press briefing to introduce a roadmap of sorts outlining the direction Apple is headed and anyone who was surprised by today’s announcements doesn’t have a finger on the pulse of Apple Computer and to those who are under-whelmed, well I hope you can adjust.

    MDN MW: Movement, as in forward.

  5. Please, oh wise ones, can ANYBODY cite ANYTHING released by Microsoft, Dell, Gateway, HP, or any other company of that ilk in the past 10 years that isn’t truly and undeniably UNDERWHELMING?

    OK, how about something from these stooges that is OVERWHELMING?

    How about something REVOLUTIONARY instead of EVOLUTIONARY?

    Nothing? What a shock.

    Gawd, but I am sick and tired of the MDN posters that can NEVER be satisfied by anything Apple does. You make Lord Pococurante (Voltaire’s “Candide”) look like an amateur!

  6. I like Apple’s vision and the big picture is looking brighter and more vivid. I have no doubt that video downloads will eventually become faster and that video content will achieve, if not exceed, current HD-quality in 2007.

    All other products delivered better functionlaity and performance, just as I expected, and with significantly lowered prices, which I hadn’t expected. I am very satisfied with Apple.

  7. I can’t wait to see the numbers for Q4 Macbook, Macbook Pro, and the just announced iPod product line.

    Year over year numbers are going to amaze everyone. I’m sure that AAPL has forseen the growth, and has long ago planned their “end game” strategy…. checkmate.

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