Okay, who wants a 60-inch Apple iMac?

“The obvious bets [for Apple’s “It’s Showtime” special media event this Tuesday] have been an iPod-enabled cell phone, and what I suspect is a gimmie: the already well discussed larger screened iPod combo with iTunes Movie Store download,” The Big Picture writes.

“Let’s fantasize a bit about what might be more intriguing options: Looking at their iMac line up, the 24 inch model with Front Row software got me thinking: Sure, that’s fine for a dorm room, but what about the rest of the TV consuming country? They want bigger and bigger screens,” The Big Picture writes.

“Here’s what I want: make me a 40″ version of an iMac. Bring this in so it only costs marginally more than other flat screens — figure $3500. (Eventually, roll out a 50 or even a 60-inch version for $4500 – $6000 clams),” The Big Picture writes. “Build in all of the Front Row software controls into a full function remote control — TV, DVD, music, etc. Then (just for laughs), build in a DVR or TiVo for that matter.”

The Big Picture writes, “Apple would have a break out hit, and take total control of the digital living room like no one else has been able to.”

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  1. 60″ Screen? No way, still far too expensive. Dentists
    only at the mo.

    The runaway hit would be the multifunction device aka iPhone. Every trendy in the world is gunna want one of those. It’ll be the phone to be seen with at every bus stop in London and even elsewhere.

    New iPods and nanos.

    Film downloads.

    Apple is about lifestyle products for the masses…

  2. The 30″ Cinema Display is overwhelming for the first 30 minutes you actually use one…then it’s indispensable.

    Combine with resolution independence in Mac OS X Leopard and, well…it’s gonna happen.

    Although I think the 30″ and larger iCinema Displays w/ Macs built in will be the aluminum enclosure. No reason for the Leon chin at that size, plus, I bet the plastics they use for iMacs just won’t scale that big.

    MDN MW: “future”

  3. I’d love a 37″ iMac, and they might sell. But a bigger market would be to allow a retrofit to the huge numbers of people that already have a plasma or LCD, and that brings us back to the Mini. If Apple made an add on unit with larger hard drive and tuner with analog inputs or a stand alone with similiar specs, then yes they could easily set the standard.

  4. I’ve been saying this for about 3 years now. Apple isn’t going to take control of the living room until they have a real display solution, which means 42 inches or more. If Apple really wanted to knock the movie store out of the park, this needs to happen on Tuesday. It would require 3 things: 1) Available movies – a no brainer; 2) A wall mountable display for the living room; and 3) a universal converter of some sort that allows television signals to play on the display. My gut tells me this is exactly what’s happening. What would make a whole lot of sense is for the display to also have an iSight camera built into it so a user (or the whole family) could video conference with other users/families right from their living room (just like Back to the Future II). All of this is easily within Apple’s reach. Of course there will be an updated iPod, too, but this pales in comparison.

    Waiting with fingers crossed.

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