Hands on: Lobotomizing (running Windows Vista on) an Apple MacBook Pro

“Ever since Apple Computer Inc. released its Boot Camp software in April, thus enabling Intel Mac owners to run Windows on their Apple hardware, I’ve been working with various permutations of Windows on my 17-in. MacBook Pro. There was the Boot Camp-enabled Windows XP installation, the Parallels virtualized version of XP (no reboot needed) and now there’s Vista RC1,” Ken Mingis writes for Computerworld.

“Who can resist a chance to surf the Web with a beta version of something like Firefox, running on a beta version of Microsoft’s next operating system, using a beta version of Apple’s Boot Camp software? Not I,” Mingis writes. “I have to say at the outset that after more than a decade as a hard-core Apple fan, running Windows on a MacBook Pro is bit, well, weird. It’s sort of like living your whole life as a BMW fan and waking one day to find yourself behind the wheel of a shiny new Chevy, or wearing sunglasses after dark. You can do it, but it just somehow seems wrong.”

“Still, in 2006, this is where we stand: Apple’s hardware runs Windows, and does so quite well. In fact, the MacBook Pro I bought in May is better equipped to run Vista than the Sony Vaio I bought less than a year ago,” Mingis writes. “If you have a MacBook Pro, you’re ready for Vista. Whether you actually want to install it will be up to you.”

“If you’re booting from scratch, you’ll notice that it takes Vista about twice as long to fire up as Mac OS X. From Mac start-up chime to Windows desktop — doesn’t that sound strange? — takes 1:01 on my MacBook Pro. OS X is ready to go in less than half that time,” Mingis reports.

“There’s been a lot of talk in the past about whether Vista in some way copies features already found in Mac OS X. I can say for sure that using Vista feels awfully familiar, as if XP had been taken to the Apple garage and buffed to a high gloss,” Mingis reports. “While there will no doubt be untold numbers of comparisons in the months ahead between Vista and Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X 10.5, what I’m doing right now — speeding along with Microsoft’s next operating system on an Apple laptop — would have been unheard of a year ago. Now, it could very well be a glimpse of the future.”

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  1. Just finished the 4 hour install of Vista RC1 on my Macbook Pro 2.0ghz 15″ 256mb Video Ram, 1gb Ram.

    Cant believe how many restarts it took and it went hours with the progress bar not moving, well it finished, and none of my old apps launch. Mostly everything doesnt work and i cant figure out how to use Aero. LOL. gadgets are a JOKE! This is a pretty lame offering, not very intuitive, and looks like wet candy, gross.

    Anyways, my rating for performance was 4.1 over all. ANyon else get their performance rating.?

  2. Good a place as any to post this, I guess.

    You know, many PC users are just clueless. I’ve recently heard no less than three different average-joe PC users acknowledge that Macs are getting pretty interesting, especially now that Microsoft has enabled Windows to run on Macs.

    Hard to believe how farking crazy people are sometimes, isn’t it? heh

  3. Calling Macdude!!

    Cue your “Vista will be your master!!” line.

    You sorry no good Redmond troll, bet your laughing right now.

    Ok, you were right, Ok? It was stupid to for Apple to allow M$ OS on Mac hardware to begin with.

    Yea for all those Mac Intel labs running Mac OS X will soon be running Vista, we know.

    All it take is one die hard Microsoft IT person to switch all those lovely Mac OS X school labs to Windows.

    It’s the begining of the end, Vista will be our master. yep, we know it’s most likely true.

    Some Mac OS X holdouts will remain of course, but Apple will be a PC vender and take over Dell’s place in the world.

    Or will Apple be sold to Google? Come on Macdude, lets here your troll.

    We know it’s coming and lets see the wonderful colors your able to include in your posts just to make sure we know it’s you.

  4. Micro$oft will do EVERYTHING possible to “break” running Vista on a Mac if they can. They have to get it ‘out there’ first then watch the games begin with the ‘updates’ and the ‘patches’. Mark my words, they don’t want Apple to get any bigger than they are, don’t want to kill them either (monopoly) but Apple needs to know it’s place. Can’t wait to see karma work it’s way.

  5. ” – would have been unheard of a year ago. Now, it could very well be a glimpse of the future.”

    Huh what? I thought the future was supposed to be less Windows more of everything else. What happened to “embrace and assimilate”?

  6. I’m converting my 7th switcher next month. : )
    That’s all I gotta say!

    Keep the faith and do your part to help make the higher market share a reality. If everyone converts 5-10 users we can kick this into high gear. Now is the perfect time when PC users are getting really ticked off over the crap they’re endlessly dealing with and M$’s delay (or lack of) of any real solutions.

  7. Driver

    Remember: Microsoft is a SOFTWARE company – The don’t care what box Vista runs on, Dell,Apple, Gateway, HP, Levono, Sony whatever, All the care is that folks are actually PURCHASING a legitimate copy (or download).

    If someone buys a Mac because the like the look and quality of mac products and exclusively run Windows, Why would Apple care what OS is used? Apple is primarily a HARDWARE company so as long as the are selling IPODS, or computers, the are happy.
    (Let me quickly qualify that I am forced to used Dell and windows at work, and I would never do this. I love he mac OS)

    So it really isn’t in Microsoft’s interest to ‘break’ vista running on the Mac. Even if they could. I don’t thing they could actually. Remember: Apple is using the same chips as the HP, Gateway, Levono, Sony chips.

    Microsoft made a critical error about 3 years ago. They should have made the decision that Vista was to be Unix based, That way they might have a viable OS at this point.

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