Apple vs. Microsoft: who wins for the investor?

James Perkins, Portfolio Manager, Thrasher Funds, and’s Rob Martorana sit down in a video presentation to decide who wins for the investor, Apple or Microsoft. So little is said about Microsoft that’s positive, that it’s not a fair fight.

Topics discussed:
• Microsoft and MTV’s “URGE” music service vs. Apple’s iTunes Store
• iPod Economy: the vast amount of iPod accessories vs. also-rans’ meager add-ons
• iTunes software’s familiarity with tens of millions of users
• Apple the innovator vs. the followers like Microsoft et al
• Lack of viruses, malware with Mac OS X (a little “security via obscurity” myth here, but we’ll let it slide)
• “It’s tough to say ‘Microsoft and cutting edge’ in the same sentence.”
• Apple’s options backdating irregularities
• Apple’s forthcoming movie distribution network will be “huge.”
• “Waiting for an AAPL pullback may not be smart.”

Watch the video (8:37) here (watching a short ad first is required).

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MadMac” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: A four-year chart of AAPL vs. MSFT looks like the Himalayas vs. a parking lot. See it here.

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  1. now, now, let’s not be too hasty in beating up Microsoft’s stock. If you look at AAPL vs. MSFT in the 90’s, Microsoft is the clear winner.
    So far, the 00’s is the decade of AAPL.

    And since both are growth stocks, the question is always, “who looks better in the future.” Apple currently is a hands down winner.

  2. – the other Mark:

    ‘And since both are growth stocks, the question is always, “who looks better in the future.” ‘

    A minor quibble:

    M$ a growth stock? Certainly in the ’90’s, but M$ has turned into a badly run utility. The M$ tax generates an enormous cash flow part of which goes into paying dividends, but the rest has been completely squandered.

    But I completely agree with the rest of what you say.

  3. TowerTone,

    Obviously not a well read person you are. Everyone knows that Yellow River was written by I.P. Freeley.

    G-spank, “Looks like Bill Gates jumped ship at precisely the right time. He is a smart man when it comes to business timing.” You couldn’t be more right. According to a 2004 documetary about B.G., his big sister remembers that they used to play long games of Monopoly when they were kids, and that Mr. Gates could/would not lose. So when you’re about to unavoidably lose, what’s your one and only option?

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