Wall-mountable 23-inch Apple iMac 1080p HDTV with wireless video streaming coming next week?

“Next week, we may see a 23-inch iMac, 1080p HDTV (Apple’s 23-inch displays are both both progressive and greater than 1080p resolution, so 1080p is almost a given) you can mount on the wall that you can wirelessly stream TV shows and movies to — as well as display photos, play music, and edit and burn videos and DVDs. Now a 23-inch display isn’t exactly home theater sized, but it’s certainly a way for Apple to test the waters for consumer acceptance of an all-in-one solution. And if the 23-inch takes off, you can bet that Apple has the ability to package the same computing hardware with 30-inch, 40-inch, and 46-inch LCDs as well. And by allowing some ambiguity as to whether this is a computer or consumer electronics device, Apple gets both market data and device revenue at the same time — to say nothing of creating demand for movie digital downloads. And when venturing into new markets, marketing doesn’t get any better than that,” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriar’s Marketing.

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  1. None of Apple’s current display line reflect the resolution appropriate to HD – that would be 1920×1080. Using its current 23″ or 30″ (1920×1200) results in “black bars” top and bottom when used for such HD output.

    I’d rather see a true standalone display supporting true 1080p that would allow me to use my existing HD set top box and the future, long anticipated, Apple multimedia platform. It should support multiple inputs, and be priced competitive with Dell’s offerings – so they can be hammered on that front as well.

  2. What’s the harm of having extra vertical res? It’s useful for computing and gaming tasks, allows a bigger picture for 4:3 programming, and does no harm. Black bars? They’re added, not subtracted, so who cares? Even if it were limited to 16:9, most movies would have black bars anyway, just like they do on any HD television. Most movies are wider than just widescreen.

    16:10 is a great practical size in my book.

  3. Besides, Macs can enlarge the image to fill those black bars if you wish anyway. OS X DVD player calculates this automatically with one click. A little gets chopped off the sides then, but your overall picture is bigger and undistorted. Gotta love choice!

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