Enderle: Anticipating an Apple-Google Merger

“Back when I was a formal competitive analyst, I worked with one of the most advanced teams in the technology market. While we paled when compared to the vastly better funded and staffed teams in the pharmaceuticals industry, in our own industry, we were market leading. Part of what we did was profile CEOs to forecast future moves based on personality, age, health and past behavior,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

Enderle writes, “For Apple, profiling Steve Jobs would probably give a more accurate measure of where that company is going than anything else, much like profiling Larry Ellison would do in Oracle’s case. As I, and others, have commented lately, however, Jobs isn’t looking healthy of late and his age does appear to be catching up with him. This suggests retirement or another path may be looking more and more attractive to him.”

“Jobs isn’t much of a technology buyer, but he did sell Next to Apple and, more recently, Pixar to Disney. Recall that he had been planning to completely separate from Disney before this move. This suggests that, perhaps now that his health isn’t what it once was, we may see a trend toward selling properties to other entities. This trend may be likely to accelerate as time goes on,” Enderle writes.

Enderle writes, “In addition to this, Jobs in the past was serving in a senior government position and rumor has it he only lost that when some of his questionable past practices came to light — which made the then-Clinton administration nervous. He is in a much better position now, in terms of popularity, and could likely play a big role in the next cycle of national elections but would need the freedom from Apple to do it properly.”

“He can’t sell to Microsoft. The antitrust issues alone would be near impossible to overcome. He can’t sell to Dell or HP because they simply wouldn’t buy. He can’t sell to Sony because culturally, it would be a train wreck, and Sony doesn’t have the resources. Of the new age companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) that might be able to afford Apple, only Google is rumored to be looking at making a hardware play, and that firm really wants to take Microsoft on head to head. Google is certainly building that massive backbone of a network for something,” Enderle writes.

“Culturally and physically, Apple and Google are relatively close, though, to make this work, both firms would need to continue to have diverse management teams. Too much integration would be a problem given Google’s lack of hardware knowledge. Still, the end result could be a platform play that eventually grows to rival .NET, and overnight, you have to admit, the result would change the landscape to an incredible degree. With Google’s CEO on the board, the transition could go amazingly easily,” Enderle writes. “I know, I know, merging with Google is probably as likely as Apple switching to Intel. Oh, wait …”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “HOG” for the heads up.]
On Monday, August 14, Katie Cotton, Apple’s VP of worldwide corporate communications, stated that Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ “health is robust.” We don’t see an Apple-Google merger in the cards, but stranger things have happened. We think (hope?) Enderle’s reading more into an Apple board addition than is really there.

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  1. Apple is growing business and evolving internally as well. If there is going to be a merger it is not Jobs selling Apple to Google (you must be Enderle to think that) but why not Apple acquiring a control over Google and integrating it? A Google for Mac only developments.

    MDN “wrong” so even that might be baseless speculation.

    Note to Enderle: Apple did not sell to Intel. The parallel is stupid: Oh, wait, Apple switched to Intel thence Jobs might truly going to sell to Google.
    Oh, wait… YOU are Enderle…

  2. Not his worst idea ever…but still probably won’t happen. Maybe that’s what Apple means when it says “it’s showtime”. Announce new ipods, new imacs, and a new corporate merger. that would give new meaning to the phrase “oh, and just one more thing…”

  3. forget Apple and Google…i’m predicting yet another merger between Enderle’s foot and his mouth. remember: you read it here first.

    MDN: “might,” as in “although it MIGHT be his thumb and his arse. i’m not completely certain of the details.”

  4. Look back at the full history of Enderle articles. This guy has almost NEVER been right on ANY topic in the past. Check it out! His articles speak for themselves! This guy is pure speculation & imagination… he just pulls ideas out of his ass on a regular basis.

  5. Well, just checked the Big Board . . . and AAPL is sitting at $70.51, probably due to the coming September 12 event and rumors such as this.

    I just wonder where that genius “Stock Boy” is right now? You know, the puffed-up BIWfinancial guru who asserted that AAPL was heading into the $47 range and that only a moron would buy shares in the low $50’s.

    WHERE ARE YOU NOW, STOCK BOY? Still trying to cover your “shorts”? Dude, you’re behind $23 per share right now, with more pain to come. If you’re weren’t such an a**hole in your MDN postings, I might feel sorry for you.

    But that ain’t the case. You buttered your bread; enjoying the sour dough taste?

  6. To MDN:

    It’s clear the Enderle and Dvorak are only writing these articles for high page view counts and not because of any journalistic value or factual basis. In the future, please end these articles not with:

    “Full article here.”

    and instead end them with

    “Due to the lack of knowledge, intelligence, and any journalistic integrity on the part of Rob Enderle and John Dvorak, I will no longer provide links to articles that are designed not to inform you, but merely to drive traffic to their respective sites to provide advertising revenue. If you are interested in reading the full article, feel free to Google it.”

    Or some such……

    Just an idea….

  7. Enderle is such a fool. If we assume that everything he says is true about Jobs health etc., Enderle is still wrong about any merger plans.

    Why? Simple.

    At Next and Pixar both, Jobs owned the lion’s share of stock. To extricate himself from those companies meant selling his stock.

    Jobs doesn’t own any stock in Apple. At best he holds stock options (not the same thing).

    If Jobs wanted to withdraw from Apple management he could do so simply by grooming a replacement for himself. This does not require a merger, buyout or takeover with/by another firm.

    For all of Enderle’s backpatting over where he has worked in the past, he hasn’t got anything right vis-a-vis Apple. My guess is that Enderle was an intern, and never allowed to go anywhere near a white paper (except to read it).

  8. Come on guys, Rob was, to quote him “Back when I was a formal competitive analyst, I worked with one of the most advanced teams in the technology market. While we paled when compared to the vastly better funded and staffed teams in the pharmaceuticals industry, in our own industry, we were market leading” the man. He’s gotta be right.


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