How should Mac users react to fair weather Mac friends (media outlets, retailers, and developers)?

“I can see what’s happening today: PC Magazine adding a column about Apple Macs, rumors of Circuit City to again carry Macs, Best Buy running a pilot program selling Macs their stores, and, yes, even Kim Komando, after years of pretending Macs and we Mac users didn’t exist, once again deigning to mention Macs,” SteveJack writes over in our Opinion section.

“Why all of this sudden interest in Macs by these fair weather friends? It’s simple: Apple’s Macs are kicking ass and taking names and these bandwagon hoppers see the writing on the wall. They see that Microsoft’s Windows Vista is yet another bad imitation of Apple’s Mac OS and that it’s still Windows to the core: DLL hell, the Registry, etc. Nobody’s excited about Windows Vista, not even Microsoft employees. So now, all of a sudden, these media outlets, retailers, and software developers want to include Apple Mac in their formerly Windows-only world. You know, the world where they ignored or denigrated Macs and us for years,” SteveJack writes over in our Opinion section.

SteveJack asks, “The big question I have for Mac users is: Do we just let them hop back aboard the Mac train? Do we simply forgive and forget? Or should they pay some price exacted by the Mac faithful? How about apologies, at least?”

The full article, entitled “You want back into the Mac market? Apologize to Mac users first,” along with the opportunity to provide your feedback is here.

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