Apple leads the way in whisper-quiet personal computing

Apple Store“Sometimes, it’s the smallest noises that can be most annoying — like crickets chirping outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night,” Daniel Greenberg reports for The Washington Post. “Or those buzzing, roaring, humming and rattling noises that come from inside your computer.”

“Silence from your computer is more important now than ever before, especially as computers become hubs for media — for activities such as watching DVDs and playing video games,” Greenberg reports. “And there’s always the theory, supported by environmental psychologists, that low-level background noise can increase health risks and lower an employee’s motivation.”

Greenberg reports, “Computers don’t have to be noisy, thanks to some new innovations in cases, fans, hard drives and even chips.” Greenberg offers a slew of tips for achieving quieter computing, the top of his list goes like this:

Buy a Mac. Apple has led the way in quiet computing, due in part to much more efficient design and in part to less powerful components that need less cooling.

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“Once again, Apple has produced a computer that really shines. With its ability to run Windows software too, it’s an attractive system for any Mac or Windows-based business or high-end consumer who needs a powerful machine at a competitive price,” AFX News reports. “The Mac Pro workstation is not only competitively priced — it’s fast, too… The latest Macs are cool, literally. In fact, they run so much cooler that Apple was able to remove about half the fans used on the older machines. It frees up room for more features and makes for a considerably quieter system.”

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MacDailyNews Note: In fact, all Apple Mac models available today (Mac mini, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro) are noteworthy not only for their fast Intel processors and elegant industrial design, but also for whisper-quiet operation.

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  1. I know the article is about the current state of the computer-designing art, but when I first got my indigo iMac G3 years ago I was *very* annoyed by the sound I was hearing as I used it … a soft but incessant kind of crackling noise. The noise was maddening … until I realized that I was hearing the carbonated bubbles fizzing in the soda can on my desk.

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