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Apple Store“My Switch to Apple [Mac OS X]. Creating a ‘switch’ post is starting to seem a bit cliche. Generally speaking, the overall tone of all “switchers” is a very positive one. When XP came out half a decade ago, I would have hoped reading all of these posts, they would all be negative. Now I can say, almost fanatically, I will never go back to a Windows PC and all of these switchers are right, it feels very nice. What entails is my background in computers, the road leading to the switch, and the time post-switch,” George Huff writes for Eleven3.

“I don’t know what it is about using these applications, or the operating system in general, that feels so right. I never knew this until I spent significant time in OSX, but it is much less rigid than Windows,” Huff writes. “Within OSX I feel like I am working laterally across many applications to accomplish whatever the task at hand may be. Whereas on Windows, it feels like everything is a vertical move. The multi-tasking isn’t as well thought out and intuitive in Windows. That’s not to say you couldn’t accomplish the same tasks, it just feels fluid and clean when doing it on a Mac.”

“My Mac feels pristine, my Windows work machine feels dirty,” Huff writes. “I do not expect a Windows user reading this to understand. It takes experience in OSX to really feel the difference. If this sounds like fanboy zealoutry, it’s not. I am curious to see Vista, I ordered a free beta 2 install disk today. I don’t hate Microsoft, I was let down.”

Huff writes, “It would take much more than an operating system to attract me back. I’ve become a fan of culture. And the Mac culture feels nice, I am happy here.”

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  1. It’s funny what he said about having that *urge* to keep his desktop so neat.

    I think it’s something alot of us are compelled to do. On Windows, I thought I kept a clean desktop, with maybe one full row of icons and a few moe in a second row.

    But in OS X, my Desktop consists of my Hard Drive, 4 folders, my external, and a few things I’m currently working on. Sometimes it could contain more, but normally, this is what’s here. i always hate it when I have something in there that makes the row bigger, and I always love it when I find I don’t need to keep something on my desktop anymore.

    There just is nothing better than the Mac.

    MW: The world’s most advanced operating system.

  2. Welcome to Peace of Mind.

    I’ve been a Mac user since about ’93. After the release of OS X and iLife, I’ve successfully “switched” 7 people and they all feel the same way. They’re never going back. A few years ago it was a bit harder, considering the cost, but since the intel switch and the cost reductions half of those ‘switchers’ have been in the last few months.

  3. It took twenty plus years before I took the personal computer purchase plunge, with an iMac (Early 2001, [toes in OS 9]), & then a late 2004 iBook.

    I’ve always had a feeling that Apple makes the Computing Experience easier/safer, thanks to Unix, NeXT, software ‘acquisition’, and Mac’s GUI.

    It is as if Windows XP/Vista is the Titanic, and OS X + future versions, are/will be more like a Hydrofoil.

  4. Ok ok… I know “7” doesn’t seem like that much, but seriously…

    The last 2 people that switched, came to me asking about my computers. Both of which said they went to their local Apple stores and the sales people “didn’t sell me on anything.”. They thought they were just preaching some blind faith and didn’t give them any real reason to dish out the cash for a new Mac. After about 10 minutes of running thru some things on my iMac G5 and my MacBook (running both OS X and XP) they were SOLD!!!

    It’s incredible satisfying when they call me up and say “MY NEW MAC CAME TODAY” with so much excitement in their voice.

  5. One of the biggest arguments I used to make for trying a Mac is that the difference between a Mac and a PC is that most people who use Macs do so by choice. Most Windows users do it by default, or because that is what they were told to use.

    Welcome to freedom.

  6. “One of the biggest arguments I used to make for trying a Mac is that the difference between a Mac and a PC is that most people who use Macs do so by choice. Most Windows users do it by default, or because that is what they were told to use.”

    I heard something similar over 10 years ago. The guy basically said people love thier Mac, people tolerate a PC.
    Or the more famous, people work on a Mac and play games on a PC.

    BTW, my first experience was on a Mac II playing Lode Runner.

  7. If this sounds like fanboy zealoutry, it’s not.

    I also noticed this one. Soon George will realize that is “I am from Windows, I am not a Mac zealot” will not work anymore. All the others will simply label him as ZEALOT, Machead, fanboy, cultist and drinking Jobs kool-aid.

  8. I hate them. Msoft that is. I wasn’t only “let down”. I was RIPPED OFF …BIG TIME…and when you’ve spent thousands of dollars (in personal and business computing), there is NO WAY you’re not going to feel RIPPED OFF.

    Windows IS the virus!

    MSoft ARE the pirates!

    Magic word little: “I have very little worries now that I use OS X”

  9. My Macbook Pro is the first of many Macs,

    My experience has been totally positive (touch wood)…

    My partner and I have been travelling alot recently and she amazed me one day while sat in an airport departure lounge watching a load of business travellers using heir laptops, she said, “I haven’t seen anyone using a laptop as nice as yours, in fact they are all bricks!”

    I didn’t know she really cared! The point is she is absolutely disinterested in technology but the aethetics of the Mac are clear to everyone.

    While we were travelling we used cybercafes to stay in touch with home and invariably they would have PCs running XP. It was like going back in time. I had only ditched XP a few months ago but I was struck by how old it felt compared to OSX.

    When Vista is released you’ll get all the “second coming” style comment from the journos and users but its only because they don’t know any better. I’d probably be the same if I was still using a PC.

    I feel I have the best OS running on the best hardware. I fully intend to get a Mac Pro when a dual quad (8 core) is available next year. I just hope Apple can kep up with the pace of processor development.

    A delighted switcher who’ll never go back.

  10. I’ve had three people in three days ask me about switching to a mac. they all wanted macbook’s (still don’t like the name). it was nice to have a captive switcher. i could be less fanatical and just give plain, simple advice.

    the tide is changing ladies and gentlement….


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