Apple slices $100 off ATI graphics card for Mac Pro

“Apple Computer has lowered the cost of the ATI X1900XT graphics card that was introduced alongside the company’s Mac Pro line of desktop computers this month,” AppleInsider reports.

“The 512MB, 2 x dual-link DVI graphics card was introduced with a price tag of $350 (when purchased with a Mac Pro) but is now priced at $250, according to checks with the Apple online store,” AppleInsider reports. “The Apple online store is also offering the X1900XT as a standalone product for $399, which was similarly reduced from $499.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple needs to buy Nvidia

    Image the possibilities.

    Steve: Hello Mikee, yes I called you MIKEE!, I know you don’t like it.

    Micheal Dell: Please Steve, your killing me, send me those video cards.

    Steve: Well Mikee, I said I was coming for you, it’s not my fault you couldn’t get the money to buy Nvidia before I did.

    Micheal Dell: Please

    Steve: Tough titty, and do me a favor and tell Billy in Redmond I won’t be supporting DirectX either. Bye.

  2. This card should come standard with any Mac Pro purchase – just another example of Apple marketing taking advantage of customers because there is no real competition except for the dominance of the PC – even if it cannot match a Mac.

  3. Pete, that’s BS. The MacPro is extremely competitively priced and has been proven in numerous articles to be CHEAPER THAN THE COMPETITION.

    Audio professionals need CPU power not GPU power. If a graphics pro needs a better GPU, there are choices available. The rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for what we do not need or want.

    So again, quit bitching and find something useful to do, MacDude.

  4. Pete Peterson ?
    I hope you really are MacDude, because the P.P. I know, the redhead PP from NY, is far worse than any MacDude, anyday.
    Especially when he doesn’t understand that paying for a high end graphics card the average user doesn’t need is bad, not Apple marketing. I need am x1900 for Unreal 2007, Motion, Lightwave, etc. Photoshop, Logic, Final Cut users really don’t need to spend the extra

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