The Gin Blossoms play Apple Store SoHo tonight at 8pm

The Gin Blossoms play Apple Store SoHo tonight at 8pm.

Come out and listen to new music from the Gin Blossom’s long awaited release, Major Lodge Victory. Following a 10 year hiatus, the band makes a strong comeback with great pop guitar melodies and heartwarming lyrics. Check out their new album on the iTunes Music Store and see for yourself that the Gin Blossoms haven’t missed a beat.
August 28th 8:00 p.m.

Apple Sttore SoHo::
103 Prince Street
New York, New York

More info here.


  1. Gin Blossoms new album tracks:

    [1] Hey Jealousy (original)
    [2] Hey Jealousy (original remastered)
    [3] Hey Jealousy remix 1
    [4] Hey Jealousy remix 2
    [5] Hey Jealousy remix 3
    [6] Hey Jealousy remix 4
    [7] Hey Jealousy remix 5
    [8] Hey Jealousy remix 6
    [9] Hey Jealousy remix 7
    [10] Hey Jealousy remix 8

    *** BONUS TRACK *** [11] How we kicked out our original guitarist who wrote ‘Hey Jealousy’ and mades us millions while he ended up commiting suicide.

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