Report: Apple’s WebObjects 5.4 going open source

“When Apple releases WebObjects 5.4 next year, it will also open source much of the database solution’s code, cementing the software’s role and future at Apple,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“While Apple employs WebObjects extensively throughout its site, internal networks, and iTunes Music Store, the software has never found a comfortable place inside the company. Scant marketing resources have been devoted to WebObjects and the development team is down to just four, sources report, making open source the sensible solution, especially given WebObjects’ open source competitors,” Katz reports.

Katz reports, “Apple hinted at its intentions to open source part of WebObjects 5.4 at private sessions during the company’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. A public announcement of Version 5.4 is expected after Leopard ships.”

Full article here.

More about Apple’s WebObjects here.

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  1. My understanding is this really isnt inside information like think secret is claiming, trying to make it seem like they have these special sources and web objects is a big exclusive story for them. apples plans to open WO were posted publically on the webobjects dev list last week, as is mentioned here ( i guess think secret has gotten so many (everyone of them this year) of their ‘exclusive’ reports wrong that they are trying to pass off regular news as inside info from ‘sources close to the’ blah blah.

  2. Whether this is ‘news’ or not, you wonder if it isn’t a little late. With Java 5.0 and other frameworks etc now available, WebObjects doesn’t perhaps have quite the unique qualities it used to. It could be argued that the weakest part of the WO experience, the Builder interface, is now behind modern Java IDE’s that are available free. JPA which utilises Java 5.0 with its annotations looks like it trumps EOModeler files – you can only imagine that this is what is meant in the article by making Wo more J2EE compatible, ie. do away with the parts that clash with the mainstream Java way of doing things.

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