Nebraska high school provides nearly 200 Apple iBooks to all students

“190 [Apple iBooks] and 5 new servers [Apple Xserves] arrived at Centura [High School in Cairo, Nebraska] today. Students got involved unloading the truck and unpacking the boxes with excitement about the new 24/7 laptop learning initiative which will begin this fall,” Brian Gibson reports for NTV.

“Centura will distribute a new laptop to every high school student this fall. This program which is becoming more and more popular among schools in Nebraska and other states helps to provide all students with an equal opportunity for learning,” Gibson reports.

Full article here.

Steve White reports also for NTV, “Centura’s handing out nearly 200 laptops. That’s one for every high school student. Students realize they’ve been given quite a gift. But they bear responsibility… It’s a $300,000 investment, so the school district expects results.”

“The school purchased laptops from Apple. In the past, the school found many kids used Macs in class but Windows-based machines at home, so this should allow kids to do their homework in the same format as they use in school,” White reports.

Full article here.

In our rather exhaustive search to piece together various articles in order to discover the type of servers Centura received, we found this: “Gibson said the day after the school board approved the purchase, he called Apple and they offered the school a better deal and threw in extras, like free upgrades and free servers with the purchase,” NTV reported back on June 29th. Full article here.

So, we’re assuming Xserves for now – although it could be Power Macs or other type(s) of Macs, of course.

Many more photos of the new iBooks arriving at Centura:

[UPDATE: 10:58pm EDT: Changed “MacBooks” to “iBooks. Thanks, “Elmer FUD.”]

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  1. MacBill: iBooks are cheaper and they don’t really need the additional power/capabilities of a MacBook, not from a school-provided laptop. They’re meant to be doing schoolwork on them, not other things.

  2. This is an encouraging sign. We need this kind of aggressiveness from Apple to seal these educational deals. Apple’s stopped the bleeding with regard to loss of educational market, but if they went after every school district like they apparently did with this one, it bodes well for the future.

  3. Cro-Magnon – yeah baby. 5 1/4 inch (or however) floppies that were actually floppy and, of course, The Oregon trail. Aaah… Those were the days. And then, the Mac Performa. I remember: I could have both AOL AND Warcraft II installed on it at the same time. Hmmmm…. (loving look in eyes..). But then my family got an IBM. Oh well. We’ll be back, Mac.

  4. Dropped our boy off for first day of kindergarten. *sniff* Yes, we took pictures.
    His school is all Mac. As we walked past the library window I looked in to see iMovie running on a projection screen. The boy’s in good hands.

  5. I ageee says, “One year from now we will read about how the school is selling all the macs and switching back to windows….”

    Sadly this will probably be the case, and it will be instigated by some lawsuit brought on by one of the states educational advisory boards. I was born and educated in Nebraska, and I’m a longtime (since the beginning), Macintosh user – So not all of us Nebraskies are idiots.

    By the way, when the local school board, or the state’s educational administrators decide they need to punish the Cairo school district for using Macs in a big way, they should be aware that right now the company I’m working for is about ready to fire our IT department because, “…they don’t do Macs.” Half the company IS Macs and is sick and tired of this IT BS.

    And furthermore, it is my observation that slowly, but surely, more and more companies are demanding that their IT pros be expert at implementing and administering Macintosh hardware and software, NOT JUST WINDOWS. Better wake up world.

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