Apple’s Boot Camp 1.1 runs Microsoft Windows Vista Pre-RC1

“The new Vista Pre-RC1 build (5536) works now on Intel Macs. The installation procedure is the same as with Windows XP SP2. The only down side is that not all the drivers provided in Boot Camp will work under Vista; the iSight and the Apple keyboard will not install… All the bells and whistles of the new Aero GUI are supported on my MacBook Pro, and according to online reports even the plain MacBook supports all of the new effects,” Kerim Hadzic reports.

Full article with photos of Vista running on an Apple MacBook here.

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  1. “Ugh… way to ruin a new MBP”

    Considering that a whole bunch of new MBs and MBPs suffer from random shutdowns, overheating, noise and who knows what else, they are already ruined.

  2. I have a mbp and two homebrew pcs. one with vista and one with xp. tell ya truth, i like xp more than vista. and if anyone knows about it, I CAN STAND HOW IT F*&*’S UP THE SCREEN EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO INSTALL A PROGRAM OR JUST PLAY A GAME!! HEY MICROSOFT, HERE’S AN IDEA, WHEN I TELL VISTA ‘YES LET THIS PROGRAM RUN’ REMEMBER THAT SETTING!!! gosh

  3. If ron’s “WHY!!!” is actually supposed to be the question, “Why?” then the answer is:

    Embrace first, then extinguish.

    It’s explained “WHY!!!” here: Millions of Windows-only users will now get to see for themselves what they’ve been missing. We all know what happens when people really try a Mac. They want to use the Mac and they dislike using Windows more and more. Eventually, they figure out ways to use Windows as little as possible or stop using it altogether.

  4. you know embrace and extinguish is great is there is something to extinguish. From my tinkering with Visla, I think it is nothing, and let me say that again…NOTHING I would consider installing on any machine, why tarnish a nice shiny new mac-pro quad??. Run linux if you want, it is way better anyway.


    I was at the University of Arizona Bookstore the other day and there was a black MacBook running a weird looking copy of Windows. Just mousing around with it I couldn’t tell that it was Vista. I thought someone had just re-skinned XP to match the MB. He he he he he he.


  6. bb-
    The sentence that was skipped with “…” was a sentence about the build of vista and had nothing to do with the mac at all. MDN gets guff for talking too much about windows, and then when they cut out the parts that aren’t relevant to the mac, they get more guff. Damned if the do, damned if they don’t…

  7. bb –

    The community here is mostly full of sheep who don’t even RTFA. They accept that the excerpted material is all they need to know, and anything contrary to or inconsistent with that material is uninformed, biased, or heretical.

    Although to be fair, MDN doesn’t usually post articles with anything positive to say about the Windows family at all. So it’s not usually difficult to bury their heads in the sand. Still, I’ll bet 90% won’t click to read it even after you pointed it out.

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