Microsoft confirms brick-like Zune to be made by Toshiba

“Microsoft Corp. chose Toshiba Corp. to manufacture its Zune digital music player, a device that will compete with Apple Computer Inc.’s market-dominating iPod,” Dina Bass reports for Bloomberg.

Bass reports, “Toshiba, which currently sells music and video players with Microsoft’s Windows software, yesterday filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for approval of the device. Microsoft spokeswoman Denise Gocke confirmed the filing and Toshiba’s role in the project.”

Bass reports, “The Redmond, Washington-based company plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars over the next several years in a bid to dent Apple’s 77 percent share of the $4 billion U.S. market for digital music players. ‘Toshiba makes a very high-quality product,’ said Rob Enderle, an analyst at the Enderle Group in San Jose, California. He called the decision ‘a good choice’ and said Toshiba’s Gigabeat music player is often reviewed as one of the few devices whose hardware is equal to or better than the iPod.”

Bass reports, “”The FCC filing included a photo of the device, which is white with a black-trimmed screen and a black-trimmed, white scroll wheel. Zune will have a 30-gigabyte hard drive, a three-inch screen, and be available in three colors, black, white and brown, according to the Toshiba filing.”

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And, so, it’s confirmed. The Zune, or as it’s already known in France, “Z’Brick,” is made by Toshiba and is the size of a small convenience store. Oh, and that “white scroll wheel” mentioned by Bloomberg is not a scroll wheel at all, it’s only a four-way button that just happens to be round. You know, to look like Apple’s product in an effort to fool the ignorant. As usual. Apple’s patent pending iPod Click Wheel is patent-pending for a reason, you know. The fact that the brick-like Zune comes in brown is considered by many analysts to be highly appropriate. And, if Rob Enderle thinks it’s all good, then you know it’s very, very bad. How bad? Even we expected more from Microsoft.

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  1. Jeg-

    They did a good job coming from nowhere with the Xbox. They didn’t unseat Sony of course, but the system isn’t doing too badly either.

    I know they were able to leverage the OS in the crushing of Netscape, but don’t forget Netscape was the untouchable king of the hill.

    It’s funny how people talk about GM and Ford when trying to describe Apple’s 4% market share takeover of the 95% Windows world.

    Yet when someone tries to take on iPod and iTMS, no one mentions GM and Ford. Everyone then seems happy in the La La Land of market domination.

    I’m a 3 iPod kind of guy with a huge investment in iTMS stuff, “I ain’t switchen.” It’s just funny to see the exact same people drone on about the importance of a 4% market share then in the same breathe laugh at a measly 25% market share for music. An arguably larger market than computers to boot.


  2. Don’t worry about a thing!

    Apple has been expecting this and is going to pull another “Nano move” just when the “Brick” is starting to get rolling.

    For those who don’t remmeber the “Nano move”, it was Steve Jobs nifty little innovative trick to replace the colored iPod Mini’s just when competition was starting to heat up.

    The cause of Creative’s huge losses and Dell’s exit from the MP3 player market.

    Microsoft is going to try the brute force attack with this “brick”, but Apple is going to suddenly make all products that look like a video iPod, including the “brick”, obsolete by introducing a new product.

    It’s going to have a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, I can tell you that for sure right now.

  3. Is it feasible that Apple would allow it’s new allies at Creative to make their players compatible with the iTunes Music Store just to screw MicroSoft? I know they’re making the big profits from the iPods, but might not a small loss in sales to Creative be worth the added grief it would inflict on MS and their Zuney-Toons player? Just an idea.

  4. Creative isn’t going to be making any new players unless Steve Jobs lets them do it the way he tells them to do it. Creative isn’t Apple’s ally, it’s Apple’s bitch.

    Apple’s doesn’t need any help. Look at that POS Zune from Microsoft. It’s DOA.

    Ballmer won’t last 12 months.

  5. To quote M.A.D.:
    Macnut222, I believe it is meant to go into the back of your pants, just on the inside though, and center it.

    I think this is a picture of one of those ” rel=”nofollow”>brown Zune’s, in a third party travel case.

    From the picture I can’t really tell if Segway is involved in it’s production, but it looks like it might catch on.

  6. Steve made the Creative lawsuit legitimate. Paid up $100 million. Gets his 100 mil back if Creative finds a bigger fish to fry.
    Hummmmmm. Where is there a bigger fish to fry. Oh, yeah! That would be them copy cats at Microsloft who are currently doing a quick and dirty copy of the iPod.

    Oh, that means Creative is gonna sue their asses to hell and back.

    Steve gets his 100 mil back, Bill Gates pays Creative big time.

    Apple Wins!

    Then, just for the hell of it, just for the fun of it, maybe Steve gives Creative access to the iTunes store. Brings Creative into the fold, shoves a big one up Gates ass. Year from now Zune quietly dies just like the Dell shit died the other day.

    The pig is happy.

  7. Jerry T

    Xbox is a money losing product. Yes it is pretty good but it is a very difficult market with Nintendo and Sony there. MS will need to gain market share and then be profitable – no small task

    You can’t compare Netscape with Apple. Apple is much better capitalized. Netscape was a tiny company making a product that was free or became free when MS entered the market. No one saw them as unbeatable. Apple has built an ecosystem around iPod/i-Tunes that is going to take innovation and a lot of money to disrupt. MS has never been good at innovating. Sure Apple could lose their momentum as it did with the Mac in the 80s/90s but I doubt Apple would make the same mistakes again.

    Apple knows that OSX will never have the Windows market share. Apple is focusiong on growth to continue to gain developers support and profitability in developed nations. Apple knows that they lost the PC wars but it doesn’t mean that the mac can continue to be a great profitable channel for it.

    I did not understand your last comment

  8. Microsoft spokeswoman Denise Gocke:

    “We believe in inking this deal with Toshiba, we will be the world’s number one supplier of the Toshiba Gigabeat S product.”

    “It should be clear to everyone that our re-branding of their product, coupled with our loss leading ability in first the xBox, and now Zune, will lead the way to following others by being years behind.

  9. I still marvel how much press Enderle gets. I hear him on the radio, I read him in print…he’s everywhere. I would really like to read some facts about the Enderle Group. And photos. He’s got some great connections as I assume that it’s just him in lonely office park. I’m not hating on the guy, I just think it’s amazing how much press he gets. His analysis is rarely insightful, but we all know that.

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