now carries Apple’s powerful new Mac Pro has announced that the company stocks it’s desktop rental inventory with the all new Apple Mac Pro. These powerful quad Xeon, 64-bit desktop workstations, based on Intel’s new Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors, meet the demands of rental customers nationwide. Whether used for video editing, creative design or statistical modeling, the Mac Pro line of computers can meet just about any professional need.

Built for speed, power and more speed, the Mac Pros can satisfy any customer looking for the ultimate desktop computer. The new Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 processor family is based on revolutionary Intel Core microarchitecture, delivering breakthrough performance and power efficiency. The new Mac Pro is up to twice as fast as the Power Mac G5 Quad and the Mac Pro also boasts a 256-bit wide memory architecture for amazing bandwidth so not only is it fast, it can handle substantially more simultaneous information. High-end customers, like movie industry visual effects companies, demand ever increasing power for their render farms. The Mac Pro is a perfect rental solution.

The Mac Pro raises the capability bar to unprecedented levels, surpassing performance, expansion and storage needs of most computer rental customers. In particular, the new direct attach storage solution for cable-free, snap in installation of up to four 500GB Serial ATA hard drives for a total of 2TB of internal storage was seemingly designed with clients in mind. Every Mac Pro includes three full-length PCI Express expansion slots and one double-wide PCI Express graphics slot to support high-powered, double-wide graphics cards without sacrificing multiple slots. Easy customization of the hardware for each rental enables to easily satisfy each customer’s specific needs. customers are also excited by the support for two optical drives. The ability to simultaneously read and/or write to CDs and DVDs is of particular importance to the Post-Production industry. Easy front and back panel access to FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 ports is the perfect solution for attaching high performance external peripherals. Mac Pro also includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, optical digital I/O and analog audio I/O. This machine is a video editor’s dream.

The Mac Pro joins the extensive inventory of Apple technology. Other recent additions include the Intel based MacBook and MacBook Pro, iMac and 30” Apple Cinema Displays. Also available is the – up until recently – performance champ PowerMac G5 Quad.

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