Mac360’s Tera Patricks dead at 46

“People come and go, but life goes on. So it is with a heavy heart that I bring you news of Tera,” Bambi Hambi writes for Mac360.

Hambi writes, “I lost my very best friend. Tera Jean Patricks.”

“Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call from her parents. Tera was staying at their home near Los Angeles. She passed away early Saturday morning following a long bout with cancer,” Hambi writes.

Hambi writes, “Though severely ill for the past few years, even while dying Tera, somehow managed to teach me more about living than I could have imagined possible… Tera wished the best for everyone, especially those less fortunate. We’ll miss her. Remember, ‘Nothing improves without change.’ Tera told me to remember it. I won’t forget.”

Full article here.

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Every time we reread this article – hoping we read it wrong the time before – we want to cry. We knew Tera only electronically, but she left a lasting impression. Tera will be missed.


  1. ‘acdude says his heart is very heavy today with the loss of Tera, he’s been a great admirer of her site and contributions to the Mac community.

    He understands exactly what Tera was doing, giving what she could back to the computing community what made her life a enjoyable one.

    Remember to pass that goodwill onto others, it’s very easy to take, take, take. But it’s a sign of a good heart that gives, gives, gives.

    God Bless You Tera and Thanks

  2. you know..someone mentioned seeing her postings here…now that they mention it…I too, remember seeing “Tera Patricks” postings..this is indeed a sad day…

    Good Night, Tera, may God’s comforting hand provide you a new life.

  3. That’s a tough one. I’m not a religious person, never was, so I’ll just say I hope that her last days were without pain and spent in peace with her loved ones, and that her family and friends will be able to cope.
    We shall surely miss her contributions.

  4. Tera always provided a refreshing voice in this cacophany of postings whenever there was a hot topic to discuss. She (and her comments) will be greatly missed. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”blank stare” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Is there a way that someone could put a link to some of her postings here on MDN? I am not as familiar to her writing as some of you are, but would enjoy reading her posts. Thank you.

  6. An incredible woman…an incredible writer…so prolific, full of energy and spirit, even while very ill. I knew her only electronically, but her writing and fun-spirited defense of the Mac platform entertained me, enlightened me, made me feel good. That was her special gift…her ability to connect with her readers, mostly strangers essentially, and give them knowledge with a smile. She was one of the rare bloggers who would also take the time to reply to those who commented on her writing.

    I encourage everyone to visit her Mac360/TeraTalks site as she has written some beautiful vignettes on life and mortality. She lives on in the wisdom and spirit of her words.

    I will miss you, Ms. Tera Patricks…very, very much.

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