Mac360’s Tera Patricks dead at 46

“People come and go, but life goes on. So it is with a heavy heart that I bring you news of Tera,” Bambi Hambi writes for Mac360.

Hambi writes, “I lost my very best friend. Tera Jean Patricks.”

“Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call from her parents. Tera was staying at their home near Los Angeles. She passed away early Saturday morning following a long bout with cancer,” Hambi writes.

Hambi writes, “Though severely ill for the past few years, even while dying Tera, somehow managed to teach me more about living than I could have imagined possible… Tera wished the best for everyone, especially those less fortunate. We’ll miss her. Remember, ‘Nothing improves without change.’ Tera told me to remember it. I won’t forget.”

Full article here.

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Every time we reread this article – hoping we read it wrong the time before – we want to cry. We knew Tera only electronically, but she left a lasting impression. Tera will be missed.


  1. Truly a piece of news that puts the petty “AMD vs. Intel”, “Microsoft sucks!” and other trivia into perspective.

    First off: condolences to the family, 46 is no age to die nowadays and it must be particularly hard for her parents who now have to do the thing that must be hardest for any mother or father.

    Can I suggest that anyone who wants to pass a smart-ass remark here find some other outlet for their “thoughts”.

  2. She’ll be missed by not only her friends but also by all in the personal computing community. With her great ability to constructively argue her points she made friends and foes alike raise the bar. One of the best tributes to her we can do is to never lower it.

  3. I too was “touched by Tera” – received a few e-mails from her after posting on Mac360. She had a great spirit, and I was impressed that with everything she had going on she had the time to correspond with me. We lose the good ones too soon. We miss you Tera.

  4. Tera Patricks, Don Crabb, Rodney O. Lain. Gone but never forgotten.

    “]”A Thousand Little Sins”[/url]

    I will take your words with me until my number comes up.

    Thank you, Tera. Point taken.

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