Microsoft ‘security’ page shows Apple Macs as ‘Clean’ redux

“Some things are just too good to be true and too honest not to be. A MacDailyNews reader turned up this quirk of the Microsoft Security page, which showed a happy Powerbook user identified with the label “Click. You’re Clean.” They’ve done a great job proving that it is, indeed, a Powerbook, as seen above,” Pete Mortensen reports for Wired’s “Cult of Mac.”

Mortensen reports, “It’s an unspoken rule that virtually every piece of creative work done for every company in the world, including Microsoft, many PC makers, is actually produced on Macs. It’s always funny when that slips through and says more than it’s supposed to… Keep trying, MS! Some day you’ll be able to find an attractive machine that runs Windows — may I recommend a MacBook?”

Full article here.

In his article, “Microsoft admits Macbooks are bug free: Web-page cock-up,” Nick Farrell reports for The Inquirer, “Software giant Microsoft has accidently implied that rival Apple’s Powerbook is safe from viruses and bugs.”

“It was all some terrible mistake based on the web page designer’s stock photo collection but it has created much amusement among the readers of MacDailyNews,” Farrell reports. “[Microsoft] has since made the matter worse by updating the page with a new image, which is still a 12-inch Powerbook with the logo blurred.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, dear! Have we caused a snowballing story that reinforces the fact that Microsoft Windows is insecure (and the company that makes it is not very detail-oriented) combined with the facts that Apple Mac OS X is indeed secure (while implying that Microsoft knows it) and that Apple makes not only the best, but also the best-looking notebooks?

Oh well, we’ll just have to learn to live with it, we guess.

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  1. “They’ve taken the photo down and replaced it with a picture of an iBook! This time they did manage to completely obscure the logo.”

    Here’s just the image itself- – and obviously, MS is too damn lazy or cheap to hire a photographer to take a shot with someone using a wintel box…. Oh, right, like there are any photographers who know anyone who uses a wintel box. Sorry.

  2. My apologies, moiety5, I didn’t believe you. But, it seems to be true … they took a picture showing two people gazing at a powered-down 14″ iBook, ‘shopped it to further obscure the logo, and posted it as an example of their own security. Someone else is getting the axe … at about 8AM Pacific.

    With all the ‘shopped images going around, you’d think they’d have learned to avoid the obvious. That snow-white case is essentially “iconic” – anyone who has seen an iBook is likely to recognize it – as well as a lot of people who’ve only seen pictures of them. The original hardly needed to have the ports highlighted for us to recognize a 12″ iBook.

    Maybe the next will show a 13″ MacBook? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Reminds me of the Vegas act “Blue Man Group”.

    They were featured in many Intel Pentium III ads. However, they use Macs extensively in the production of their shows.

    (Before you go off on it, this was long before Apple went Intel.)

  4. BTW, Microsoft’s replacement at their security page now features what looks like a 12″ PowerBook with the Apple logo Photoshop’d out. Though it is harder to confirm or deny.

    Obviously they’ll never learn.

  5. Years ago, Parade magazine had an advertisement for a company that was selling training software that made a claim about how their software could make learning MS-DOS and Windows a breeze. Oddly the ad featured a picture of a guy using a Mac SE/30! Kind of hard to even mistake that for a PC. It’s just kind of hard to escape the facts…

  6. It’s hard to find a stock photo of a computer or laptop that isn’t a Mac. Stock places want the most ROI they can get, Apple laptops just go the distance and always look sleek. Not to mention they’re probably what they have on hand for the photo shoot.

  7. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” /> That is a funny picture with the comment get rid of malicious malware!

    Get a Mac!

    Thanks for the advertising Microsoft, as you plainly show everyone else to get a Mac.

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