Microsoft ‘security’ page shows Apple Macs as ‘Clean’ redux

“Some things are just too good to be true and too honest not to be. A MacDailyNews reader turned up this quirk of the Microsoft Security page, which showed a happy Powerbook user identified with the label “Click. You’re Clean.” They’ve done a great job proving that it is, indeed, a Powerbook, as seen above,” Pete Mortensen reports for Wired’s “Cult of Mac.”

Mortensen reports, “It’s an unspoken rule that virtually every piece of creative work done for every company in the world, including Microsoft, many PC makers, is actually produced on Macs. It’s always funny when that slips through and says more than it’s supposed to… Keep trying, MS! Some day you’ll be able to find an attractive machine that runs Windows — may I recommend a MacBook?”

Full article here.

In his article, “Microsoft admits Macbooks are bug free: Web-page cock-up,” Nick Farrell reports for The Inquirer, “Software giant Microsoft has accidently implied that rival Apple’s Powerbook is safe from viruses and bugs.”

“It was all some terrible mistake based on the web page designer’s stock photo collection but it has created much amusement among the readers of MacDailyNews,” Farrell reports. “[Microsoft] has since made the matter worse by updating the page with a new image, which is still a 12-inch Powerbook with the logo blurred.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, dear! Have we caused a snowballing story that reinforces the fact that Microsoft Windows is insecure (and the company that makes it is not very detail-oriented) combined with the facts that Apple Mac OS X is indeed secure (while implying that Microsoft knows it) and that Apple makes not only the best, but also the best-looking notebooks?

Oh well, we’ll just have to learn to live with it, we guess.

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  1. This has been going on for years, you’d think MS would have a spec sheet that lists what you can’t photograph. They at least tried to be sneaky this time by cropping the photo. Gateway has/had a laptop that resembled the 17 inch, I thought it was that the first time I saw the ad. Kinda sad, you know PC people don’t sit aound ID’ing computers in ads, movies, TV, coffee houses, etc… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. And I bet…that a PC user that created the page and selected the stock photo does not even know what a Mac looks like otherwise it would not have been used. Most PC users I know cannot tell the difference between a Mac laptop and a PC laptop.

  3. …or perhaps Macs are much more prevalent and common than most people realize.

    You see them constantly in movies and TV shows, as well as commercials. You’d think that producers would save on the budget and not buy one of those “expensive” Macs. But, they probably already know, after years of production experience, that using a Mac that “just works” is far cheaper than a finicky Windows machine that wastes thousands of dollars in production costs whenever it needs to be rebooted and adjusted. They also don’t need to pay for any IT techs to stand by and babysit the computer. Flip the Mac on, then start shooting… “Action!”

  4. Who freakin’ cares! Besides what’s wrong with showing Apple hardware (even if it’s pre-intel). Apple is now also a PC maker since windows runs on it. So if someone puts windblows on their Mac hardware now, they will still need to get rid of malicious software.
    Besides, Bill Gates himself could appear in the “Get a Mac” Ad campaigns. He could stand there and say “My software sucks! You should ‘get a mac’ to make your life easier. Windblows is horrible. I love the Mac, that’s why I copied it! Please ‘get a mac’ PLEASE!” He could say all that and it still wouldn’t matter, because for some reason Microshaft has a demonic hold on most of the people who make the choices when it comes to computers. And people say that SJ has a reality distortion field. Who’s more distorted-consentual Winblows users or Mac users?

  5. Wow!!! Great to know that a little tip to MDN can create such a stir for M$ and some good pub for Apple.


    All of you that are saying that this is no big deal, you’re right. But you have to admit that it is damn funny!

  6. I’m not sure even 1% would notice, and a large number of them, if they did, absolutely would NOT think it’s funny.

    Most doze people simply wouldn’t get the joke; I suspect the large majority of regular doze users assume all OSs are the same, and all get viruses. Many people who are told the facts don’t believe it and simply assume anyone who states OS X is virus-free is an idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, as in, “don’t all computers get viruses?”

  7. Another thing… all of you who claim that this happened because most stock photos contain Macs, obviously haven’t seen the vast collection at fotosearch. Check it out. Most laptops pictured are NOT Macs. Just so happens that the best looking ones are.

  8. Amazing. Now we’re defending the decisions of PR people (most of whom are brain-deficient already) by saying “it’s white; who cares what it is!” Wow, Jackson. You take the prize for being absolutely clueless. Of course I’m sure you spent all your brainpower putting that sentence together and now you’ll have to rest your mental muscles to operate that fry machine.

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