Apple releases MacBook SMC Firmware Update

Apple today released MacBook SMC Firmware Update which adjusts fan behavior in the MacBook.

After this update has completed successfully, your SMC Version will be: 1.4f10.

The updater application will be installed in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

To update the SMC firmware on your MacBook:
Your computer’s power cord must be connected and plugged into a working power source.
1. Quit all other open applications.
2. Click Restart in the MacBook SMC Firmware Update window and wait for your computer to restart.

The SMC firmware update starts automatically. A status bar indicates the progress of the update. During the update your computer fans will run at full speed, but will return to normal once the update completes.

Important: Do not interrupt the update.

Your computer restarts automatically when the update is completed and opens the MacBook SMC Firmware Update.

3. Click OK. The SMC firmware is now up-to-date.

More info and download link here.


  1. A comment at MacWorld says the SMC update cools the temp by 12-24˚C. This would be a 50-75˚F drop. I did not check the CPU temp before I installed the update to provide a CPU temp difference.

    I can say the MacBook bottom is considerably cooler and can now sit on my lap. Before the update it was unbearable. We had to use a lap desk or pillow to shield ourselves from the heat.

    I didn’t check my CPU temp, but you can. An Intel CPU Temp Widget is available. I’d like to see some results if anyone wants to post them.

    My current CPU temp is 51˚C after about an hour of Internet use. My research shows mid-60˚C was standard previous MacBook idle. This falls in the 12-24˚C drop.

  2. Uh, Hmmm…

    I think you have that wrong. 1 degree change in Celsius is 1.8 degrees change in Fahrenheit. There for the 12-24 C range would be 21.6º F – 43.2º F… a much more reasonable range than 50-70ºF.

  3. I ran another test under a full load (decoding and resizing 3 HD clips on a loop in QuickTime for 10 minutes) for kicks. The CPU operated around 98% and the CPU temp was 80˚C. This is what previous tests had showed according to research.

    The temp dropped from 80˚C to 60˚C within 20 seconds and returned to the low 50s within 60 seconds.

    Honestly, I did not expect the update to change full load CPU temps.

    The update is also reported to fix the “mooing” which I have never experienced.

  4. Swordmaker,

    Thanks. I simply converted 12˚C to F, which is obviously not what should be done. The non-linear scaling should have caught my attention.

    It’s 3am here and I know I shouldn’t comment after midnight. But, for those who have always been curious: 12˚C is 53.6˚F.

    Thanks again for the correction…

  5. Wonder what loss in performance is sacrificed with this update? It’s going to make it possible for the marketing moguls at Apple very excited to be able to trumpet the “new” second edition of MacBook as x.xx times faster that the original Mac Book.

    It will make the remorse of the buyers of the first edition even more intense.

    How can you stop Apple from behaving like this? Don’t buy anything from them that is less quality, speed, performance, etc., than they are capable of delivering. Make them stop holding the next edition in reserve while the lesser version rakes in all the ‘I can’t wait’ consumers then collects double from them when they ‘can’t stand it’ to not have the latest, speediest, coolest new toy.

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