Dell cannot compete with Apple’s new Mac Pro price or feature set

“If you caught the Mac Pro’s introduction during last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, you know that Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide product marketing, punctuated his demo of the new high-end desktop by uttering the ‘D’ word—Dell. Specifically, Schiller brought up Dell to compare its price to the standard 2.66GHz Mac Pro Quad’s $2,499 price tag. By Schiller’s math, a similarly configured Dell Precision 690 would run you $3,448—around $950 more than the Mac Pro,” Dan Frakes reports for Macworld.

Frakes reports, “That’s an eye-catching figure, especially in light of the widely held perception that Macs are more expensive than their PC counterparts. But is it an accurate figure? To double-check Apple’s math, I went on a virtual shopping spree. My mission: configure a Mac Pro and a comparably-featured Dell model and see how their prices measured up.”

Frakes found that “the significance of the Mac Pro, from a price perspective, is not that it’s debatably price-competitive with somewhat similar offerings from Dell (and other Windows-PC vendors); rather, it’s that the Mac Pro is the first Mac in a long, long time that is unquestionably less expensive than its Windows counterparts in the same market segment.”

Full article, with price breakdown chart showing an Apple Mac Pro that’s US$1,347 less than a comparably-equipped Dell (plus the Dell can’t run Mac OS X) here.

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  1. Throw in a Windows XP Pro license and the Apple is STILL cheaper. Running OSX and Windows in one beautiful box (for those that need to)… is there really a choice here? People just need to taste OSX, then they’ll be hooked.

  2. The article did not even include a monitor for the Mac. nor did it compare equally priced CD/DVD drives.

    and then the dude shamelessly talks about Maximum Ram? Go ahead and add the prices for the Ram to your final price list. Infact pick the same for both then see the price difference.

    and by the way Adding the “Maximum Ram” suggested to the price bumps it up by $5400, for the Mac Pro, thats already way beyond the $3,048 priced out for it.

    Sorry but this article is misleading. Go to Dell online and go to apple store online and price these bitches out with comparable devices!

    When i did it it was for the 3.00 Ghz Xeon processors and they were ~equally priced with the apple being only slightly higher.

    Hooray for apple equally pricing their products!
    ( or is it? )

  3. Steve Jobs said the decision to go to Intel was based on a FLOP/WATT ratio. Claiming that IBM could not make the performance to power ratio.

    I think they used a price/FLOP ratio. And it may pay off. As long as Intel is able to offer one or two “premium” performance CPU’s that are on par with everybody else, this will be a good long term plan.

  4. I hate to say this, but the Dell includes a $250 Dell 19” UltraSharp 1907FP monitor, which I guess you could purchase and use with the Mac Pro; Apples 20″ Cinema Display is $699. They should do something about they’re display prices. They didn’t figure that into the price. Please don’t shoot the messnger.

  5. Indeed… Said..

    “And the Dell comes out with the HIGHEST price…

    And the Mac Pro comes with a 20″ Cinema Display even and still cheaper!”

    Care to tell me why in the final price list the author of that article decides to charge 2 Xeon processors upgrades when no other website does that when they compare the 690 against the Mac Pro?

    On System Shootout website:
    For the DELL
    Base system price: $1,579
    2.66 GHz Dual Core Xeon upgrade: $520
    Second 2.0 GHz Dual Core upgrade: $869

    For the MAC PRO
    Base system price: $2,124
    + 2x 2.66 GHz Dual Core Xeon Upgrade: $300

    Do me a favour try pricing it yourself, TODAY. I cant even find a Xeon 2.66ghz 690 on the DELL website all they have is 3.00 GHZ and up.

  6. Will somebody please tell me why Macs don’t come with more RAM?? I find it frustrating that although I am willing to put down $2500 on a new MacPro, I have to spend an extra $300 for 1 Gig more RAM, and $1100 for 2 more Gigs! WHY??? Anybody??

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