RUMOR: iWeb 2 to support ‘anywhere’ content publishing

“Since Think Secret’s initial report on Apple’s upcoming iWeb 2 software in early August, sources have disclosed additional details of the software, which will include features to support ‘anywhere’ content publishing,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “With iWeb 2, users will be able to update their iWeb space from any Web browser for the first time. Site management will naturally be limited, likely to just adding or deleting content, sources said, but the feature will allow users to update their blog and upload new photos or podcasts regardless of what computer or operating system they have access to.”

Katz reports, “In addition, users will be able to tap their cell phones to update their iWeb pages, allowing blog text and photos to be transmitted from their phone to their iWeb site. This functionality, however, is almost certainly to be limited to iWeb users hosting their pages on .Mac, as is a new feature that will allow users to update their content through email.”

Katz also reports that Apple plans to put extra emphasis on third-party publishing with iWeb 2 for those Mac users who prefer to forgo .Mac and host their iWeb creations elsewhere.

Full article here.

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  1. Hmmmm. It will be interesting to see how well they do it.

    I ended up buying Sandvox’s software and its been pretty easy to do web creation and its already pretty even handed about using other web hosts.


  2. Apple really needs to straighten out the HTML in iWeb – it’s a freakin’ mess!

    On a different note, the comment about iTunes in Thinksecret’s article is interesting. It makes me think that Apple is trying to position iTunes as a music version of MySpace.

  3. Howzabout the option for iWeb to upload only changed files? Nothing worse than than making a spelling or punctuation edit, and have to upload your whole site again.

    And yes, the html in iWeb is indeed a mess.

  4. Pita, iWeb DOES only update changed files, but only if you use .Mac.

    I would re-subscribe to my .Mac in a few months IF I could get a real Domain Name. But all of the special perks and features, including those offer by iWeb, are not enough when compared to what I have through for HALF the price.

    Sorry Apple, you lost this customer!

  5. PITA….

    the upload in the current version of iWeb does only upload changed files. The creation of pages and the like you see when you hit the publish button is actually iWeb checking the files in your domain file against what is uploaded to .Mac or your local folder for changes.

    and yes.. the html is a mess in iWeb.

  6. I have been .Mac member since the first days of iTools and paid ever since they started doing that too. I get 4 GB of iDisk now with my .Mac account and find it to be worth every single penny.

    I can’t count on two hands the number of times I had to access my iDisk somewhere to download large files from remote locations where I couldn’t use an external hard drive. Its fast, convienant and secure.

    My family also enjoys the new iWeb tools where as I put photos of recent vents and they can view them. Its corny but its sometimes the only way certain family members know what we look like these days, being spread about all over the place.

    .Mac membership offers a lot, sure it could be cheaper, but I use it and I am not alone. A ripoff is only a ripoff if people feel it is. I don’t, I find it to be competative and sure not the cheapest but worth the money I am willing to spend for it.


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