Apple iPods among air security threats

“Shampoo, iPods and Starbucks lattes have suddenly become security threats. Terrorists could easily slip a few apparently innocuous items past airport security and assemble them into a lethal explosive once aloft, security experts said,” Matt Crenson reports for The Associated Press.

Crenson reports, “Some envision a group of two or three terrorists mixing up explosives in an airplane bathroom, perhaps even using commonplace materials such as hydrogen peroxide and detonating their bomb with the battery from a cellphone or some other small electronic device.”

“‘In mid-flight you could go into the toilet, attach the mobile phone to the explosives and, as the plane makes a final approach over a densely populated urban area, you detonate it,’ said Irish security analyst Tom Clonan. To puncture an aircraft’s fuselage would require an explosive charge ‘half the size of a cigarette packet,’ he said,” Crenson reports.

Full article here.

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  1. It’s gonna be no fun flying anymore and a real drag on long distant flights… no briefcases, no laptops, no iPods, CD players, no book or magazines, no carrying on, period. I’m just not going anywhere anymore!

  2. I’m confused? If homeland security knew about these simple materials becoming a big threat after 9/11, why wasn’t this banned before? Sensationalism news is killing America.

  3. Assholes should be security threats too because a terrorist could “easily slip a few apparently innocuous items past airport security and assemble them into a lethal explosive devise once aloft . . . “

    Profiling anyone?

    I really hate to say it, honestly I do, but we know what the enemy looks like – with this type of threat

  4. It’s fine so long as the airline is ready and willing to supply me a free water or 2 once I’m on the plane. I usually sleep on flights, but use my iPod to fall asleep. That would kind of suck to have to give up. I can’t see all of those business travelers giving up their laptops and cell phones!

  5. If only we were kinder and gentler to the

    terrorists(man I’m sick of that word), then

    they wouldn’t hate us so much and we could take

    our iPods anywhere. Damn that George W. Bush ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  6. AG Pennypacker: Please tell us exactly what the enemy looks like. Is it the crackers that blew up the Oklahoma City Federal Building? What about the shoe bomber, who could easily have shaved his beard to look like one of your own? What about others that are not Islamic, but are just as unhappy with our country, like the Columbine boys (both white) that wanted to cause some damage? How about the militants in Idaho? David Koresh? All of these guys are just as white as you, and are pissed off at our country. What if they decide that blowing up a plane is just as easy as blowing up a car or shooting a people?

    Damn boy, think before you type.

  7. I really hate to say it, honestly I do, but we know what the enemy looks like – with this type of threat

    What an ignorant asshole. Maybe we should just round up all the brown people in an internment camp or something, huh?

    Next time you want to make a point just light yourself on fire.

  8. Now Jimbo, surely you know water is a dangerous substance. Terrorists can use the electrical ports in business class (used for laptops) to separate the hydrogen from the water, and then use that create an explosive. They can bring catalysts onboard disguised as prescription medication to hasten the electrolysis. No, I’m afraid water will just have to be banned.

    Enjoy your flight!

  9. jimbo-

    Dude get real! You are talking about “Has Beens” and exceptions. I’m talking about the reason for the recent suspicion. iPods will not be banned because of douche bag white boys ok (which no doubt their are a lot of – but be reasonable here) We know who has the vendetta here quit fooling yourself and everyone else)

    I bet you get fooled twice frequently!

    And if you don’t think the government already profiles, you are in denial! Percausion is not always politically correct

  10. Jimbo,

    When you sat militants in Idaho, I hope you’re not talking about Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge), that would be a real cheap shot. Those people chose a life style different than ours. That didn’t make them militants. An FBI agent shot his unarmed wife in the face while she was holding her baby. Who exactly was at fault there? Not trying to start any sh!t, just think that’s a bad example.

  11. I think the Greek house system at universities is the root of all problems. All those frat boys know how to read is the proof on the bottle label. And I’m sure there’s a terrorist tie-in, somewhere…

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