Take a ride in Apple Mac OS X Leopard’s ‘Time Machine’

Apple today previewed Mac OS X Leopard which features a number of new technologies, one of which is called “Time Machine.” With Mac OS X Leopard and Time Machine, can you back up and preserve everything on your Mac automatically plus you can go “back in time” to recover anything you’ve ever backed up.

It’s simple. The first time you attach an external drive to your Mac with Mac OS X Leopard, Time Machine asks if you’d like to back up to that drive. Say “yes” and Time Machine will handle the rest in the background, automatically, so you don’t have to deal with back ups anymore.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls Time Machine a “breakthrough feature” that’s just another example of “how Mac OS X leads the industry in operating system innovation.”

In the beginning, Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard makes a complete backup of all the files on your system including:
• system files
• applications
• accounts
• preferences
• music
• photos
• movies
• documents
• and everything else

As you make changes, Time Machine backs up only what changes to minimize the space required on your backup drive. Since backups are stored on your device by date, you can browse through your entire system as it appeared on any date. It’s like a “Time Machine” for your Mac (into the past, not the future, of course).

How Mac OS X Leopard’s Time Machine works:

Direct link to the video via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiMW7DIGwNw

Find out more about Time Machine and other new Mac OS X features via Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek pages here.

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