Apple WWDC banner: ‘Mac OS X Leopard. Introducing Vista 2.0’

Gernot Poetsch has posted a photo taken through the glass of San Francisco’s Moscone Center, site of today’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), that, besides an inconvenient streetlight, shows a black Apple banner with an image of the top half of a Mac OS X Leopard DVD and the text:

Mac OS X Leopard. Introducing Vista 2.0

Another similar banner below in the same shot states, “You’ve come to the right platform.”

In addition, a third banner (here, obscured) captured by Poetsch states, “Hasta la Vista, Vista.” (MacNN has a clearer version here.)

See the large version here.
That ought to grab some attention (as if Apple needs attention today)!

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  1. This will be interesting. Leopard will at least be universal, good for all us G4 and G5 owners (millions of us) But I suspect G3 will probably not be support MY 1999 Blueberry. Oh well.

    For intel folks, Apple now offers a very compelling package. Cutting edge OS, and If Bootcamp is incorporated into the OS some how as either a seamless operation (through in a windows program, it loads and runs) or at minimum the ability to cut and paste data between the OS (have both Mac native and Window programs open simultaneously), AND be price with $200-300 of a similarly configured HP or Dell, Well, Why would a Windows user choose a Dell? Just because the don’t like Apple as a brand?
    It would be only that.

  2. oh man im hyped man oh man cant wait whew baby the bigone mano gee gee gee whooott whoot calm down yeah baby yeah wow wow wow goo gah yes yes its coming oooooooooooh yeah rockets yes leopard 10.5 yes fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntastic hyped can not waaaaaaaaaaaait!!!

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