The Independent: ‘Is Steve Jobs’ Apple empire losing its cool?’

“When I switch on my Apple Mac, the first thing I see on the screen is a smiling face – the icon of Apple’s operating system. It seems apt. Once the technology world’s underdog, Apple has become the consumer power-brand of the 21st century, a company that knows what real people want from their cutting-edge gadgets,” Julia Pierce writes for The Independent.

Pierce writes, “Apple has had reason to be cheerful. But the happy face on the screen of my MacBook laptop is starting to look more like a pained grimace. In recent months, court cases, faulty products and bad PR have taken the shine off these objects of consumer desire. Could the unthinkable be coming to pass? As David has become Goliath, has Apple lost its cool?”

Full load here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Leo” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: This piece should be used in university media classes to illustrate how to generate a hit piece. The Independent:  Yellow journalism at its most obvious.


  1. Umm, OS X systems do not boot with the Smiley face. The boot and the Apple logo pops up. OS 9 Machines and earlier had the smiley face, how old is this guys “Mac” makes me wonder if he really even owns an Apple product.

  2. The first thing she sees on a MacBook is a smiley face? MacBooks use OS 9?

    The first thing I see on any version of OS X is a dark gray Apple logo over a light gray screen; then the Mac OS X startup window with . . . ah . . . an Apple logo.

    Honey, if you’re going to write a themed piece, be sure to know your theme well.

  3. I can’t remember the last time i rebooted my PowerBook and actually looked at the screen, but isn’t the Mac OS logo on the splashscreen? That’s the one with the split dark blue/light blue faces that are smiling?

    Okay, enough with the nitpicking…
    This is clearly a “I want some hits on my never visited web site, so I’ll write a glaringly negative ‘story’ about Macintoshes and lure the clueless devils, thus boosting my hit count and allowing me to get a Frappuccino™ at Starbucks© while skateboarding home from ‘the office’ ” kind of article.

    No dice, slacker…

  4. Court cases are no basis of success or lack thereof. I could sue apple for not making blue iPods anymore but that wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

    As far as faulty products go, it seems that in most cases if there are issues with Apple’s products they tend to fix them both on the manufacturing side and on the consumer end rather quickly.

  5. Geir werner,

    Speaking of Norway, what intbdd ss, your take on the Consumer association extorting Apple to open it’s iPod system to Microsoft. How much do you think Microsoft paid those government workers?

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