Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ ads too harsh?

“Apple has recently started an advertising campaign for the Mac and other specific features of OS X that makes the point that if your message is strong enough, you don’t need any of the other fluff,” Brandon Watts writes for OSWeekly. “I’m making reference to the Get a Mac campaign that features two people standing in front of a white backdrop and talking. In fact, you may even recognize the two individuals from their other work. John Hodgman (The Daily Show) represents the PC, and Justin Long (Dodgeball) represents the Mac.”

Watts writes, “As is also the case with Apple’s previous Switch campaign, it’s immediately evident that anyone with a video camera and some simple editing software can recreate these ads with absolutely no budget. This ‘copycatability’ isn’t exactly something that you’d expect from a company the size of Apple, but it certainly encourages filmmakers to make their own parodies, which will only solidify the reputation of the ads. If they’re worth copying, then they’re surely worth watching.”

“Apple takes the opportunity to emphasize the advantages that they have in terms of lack of viruses, stability, networking, media creation, and initial appeal right out of the box. Some people might say that these ads are too harsh on Windows, but they’re not getting the point. The approach that they take is all in good fun and prevents the spots from feeling like attack ads, but beneath the cheerful surface, there is a lot being said here,” Watts writes.

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  1. Here’s my idea for the next advert:

    Scene – Mac is in person, PC isn’t visible (but there is a squawkbox on a pedestal)

    Mac: “Hey – PC…where are you?”
    PC: “Sorry I couldn’t be there in person, but I’m stuck waiting for my new know how it is.”
    Mac: “No, not really. I have the most advanced OS available…and something even more amazing coming up.”

    Then it continues however they want…

    Or something similar to that. I’m not a specialist in advertising, but this is something that seems could be done effectively.

  2. In an effort to give Apple a taste of its own medicine, Microsoft recently signed a deal with the enormously talented comedian Demetri Martin to have him star in a marketing campaign for Windows Vista. It sounds like Microsoft is also trying to take a fresh approach to how they advertise their upcoming OS,…

    Fresh approach???

    I should sell copy machines in Redmond. I’d be rich!!! Down side, is the insurance premium for getting hit from a flying chair.


  3. awwwwww…… To harsh for big bad Windoze !!!!!!
    Give us all a break, When you have a superior product you should make it known.
    Are Volvo and VW bad because their cars are safer than KIA’s ??? just looking for hits this writer is.

  4. Apple has 9 ads in the Get-A-Mac campaign. In every one they tell ya that the Mac is better in one way or another. But they don’t show you anything, just 2 people talking. I think what Apple needs to go along with these 9 ads are several more that actually demonstrate what you can do with one. One for MacOS, one for iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, Garageband, Mail, iCal, Spotlight and maybe a couple more. A few can be crammed into one ad. I know 30 seconds isn’t much but it’s enough time to at least show what comes in the box and some results of what you can do with it.

    Cause people who don’t know the Mac still won’t know the Mac after seeing all 9 of those Get-A-Mac ads.

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