Microsoft Windows Vista demo goes bad

“It seems like Microsoft’s operating system presentations have a tendency to go awry. In a live product demonstration for a large group of Wall Street analysts, the company decided to show off Windows Vista’s speech recognition capabilities. As it turns out, the presentation, known as the Financial Analyst Meeting, was much more of a comedy rather than a professional demo,” Matt Mondok reports for Ars Technica.

Mondok reports, “It shows the presenter struggling to get Vista’s speech recognition software to cooperate. At one point, the presenter (Shanen Boettcher) said, ‘select all,’ and the software showed its violent side, writing ‘so double the killer delete select all.'”

Full article here.

Microsoft Vista Speech Demo Goes Bad:

Direct link to video via YouTube:

[UPDATE: 7/29: 7:00pm EDT: Updated YouTube video links.]


  1. The software may or may not suck. What’s quite obvious though, is that this guy failed to do his homework and get his hand on a high-quality, noise-cancelling microphone for this demo.

    Presentation skills are definitely not microsoft’s long suit.


  2. I managed to watch through to Dear Aunt coming up on the screen and had to pause it. I hate Microsoft so like to see their crap shown up as the crap that it is but it just really depresses me to see this stuff because I know that by and large this shit will be going into stores at some point and people will be buying it. I also know that eventually I will be forced in some way to interact with it in my work environment because it will become the defacto standard because of the vast numbers of people who will be using it.

    The other day at work I rang up the tech people of a website I wanted to access to download some documentation that I needed straight away. The website wouldn’t let me login from firefox as for some reason they had decided the site was IE only, I got around it and there was nothing that required IE – no active-x, no dodgy css, nothing – I rang them and said I preferred to use Firefox as I didn’t want to expose myself to the problems that IE has. I was told that there site used https and was secure. I told them that I didn’t care about their site as such I cared about the internet as a whole and that IE was a curse on computing (or words to that effect). There response was that Microsoft software was the standard, it was what everyone used and the best. I told them that not everyone uses it – I didn’t.

    Ultimately I just got angry and had to hang up. Sadly, I need this site and sites like it to do my job. Personally I’d love for Microsoft to be great, I’d love their products to be easy to use and work. I would love them to be just like Apple, I would love two or more companies putting out great software that constantly upped the levels of what we can do and expect to be able to do. Sadly we don’t have that.

  3. The real reason for all of Vista’s delays? It’s being set to do things when you scream various Ballmerisms at it.

    Unknown is what happens when you start babbling about innovation in a Kermit voice.

    But those are just rumors….

  4. I am with M.X.N.T.4.1. I would love M$ to be great. If they were like Apple, it would be fantastic for everyone involved. But they’re obviously not, allowing craptastic software onto the market because their primary concern is making money even at the expense of technology.

  5. FirstOfGod,

    Echoing previous posts, thank you for the hilarious comment. I had not been feeling well this morning until I read your take on Vista’s VR demo, but I could not help but bust out laughing out loud while reading what you wrote.

    MS’s unintended comedic genius proves to me God does indeed exist!

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