PC World writer’s advice for Microsoft: ‘Stop making crap’

PC World magazine’s Stephen Manes offers some parting advice for Bill Gates as he “transitions” out of Microsoft:

Quit kidding yourself. Do some soul-searching and publicly disown the longstanding public-relations fantasy that Microsoft has something to do with “innovation.” Your business has always been about taking others’ ideas and selling them with a Microsoft badge. Period. After CP/M came DOS; after Mac came Windows; after Palm came Pocket PC; after Netscape came IE. And those are just the most obvious examples.

Insist on quality and security. Microsoft ads say “Your potential. Our passion,” but the real motto should be “Do the Minimum.” Whenever I pick up a Microsoft product, I expect stupid or dysfunctional design. You rarely disappoint me.

Shake up the talent. Nobody in a position of authority at Microsoft ever seems to get fired. Many should be. How many times can a product jettison features and miss deadlines before its handlers get the boot? How many security flaws can pop up before their creators walk the plank?

Stop making crap. Software has to run, not crash, before it can fly.

Full article with more here.
So true, but Microsoft has little chance of actually executing any of Manes’ suggestions.

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  1. I believe now more than ever that the era of Microsoft is over. They are moving only on inertia. Vista is going to fail, I mean really fail. I think Apple and OS X is primed and ready for a huge renaissance and resurgence. Apple needs to take the gloves off and go for the killer blow. Apple should start focusing on the enterprise. I still think many people buy PCs because they use them at work and people are creatures of habit. Even though the enterprise market is not that big or has limited growth potential, I still think Apple would sell many more iMacs if they were sitting on people’s desks at work.

  2. And this on PC World? Amazing. Almost to think people are starting to think by themselves. 1984 ?

    I like the quote: Embrace the idea that quality and security have to be built in, not tested in.

    Absofsckinglutely! So much Microsoft does not get it that even Gates said in an interview that Windows HAS to be the best security-wise in that with all the attacks Microsoft now knows a lot about security and with all the flaws exposed by cracker patched so far then Windows must be more secure than other OSes who had not their flaws exposed.


  3. stop writing crap!

    if Microsoft wasn’t great then why does EVERYONE (who is not a loooozar) buy their stuff?

    seriously anuybody who uses windows instead of just complaining about it likes it just fine.

    macs – noun – a solution in search of a problem that aint there!

  4. And where the Hell is “Mac Realist” today? Has the PC World cat got your tongue, “MR”? Or are you still in PE class and just haven’t read the latest slam on your beloved MonkeySoft?

    Gawd, but this has to hurt the all-too-wise “MR,” especially since he told us, one and all, that he was shorting the stock and rebuying at $47. Hmmm, where’s your Messiah NOW, “Mac Realist”? (Billy Crystal doing Edward G. Robinson.)

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