NewsFire 1.4 released

NewsFire developer David Watanabe has announced the immediate release of the latest version of NewsFire.

Version 1.4 further refines the already elegant RSS newsreading experience of NewsFire. Important new features include an integrated video player for video podcasts, a new ’status’ sort option that prioritizes items needing attention, and type-ahead selection.

Equally important, NewsFire 1.4 has substantial performance improvements over previous versions and now runs smoothly even with several hundred feeds.

NewsFire 1.4 features include:
• improved media player interface, now supporting video
• added ‘status’ sort option
• substantial performance optimizations
• type-ahead selection in feed view
• rerouted discovery interface
• fix for incorrect purging of expired items in certain feeds
• fix for incorrectly ignored items under rare circumstances
• many minor improvements

NewsFire 1.4 is a complimentary upgrade for registered users. New users can try NewsFire for free, albeit with restrictions. Registration of NewsFire costs US$18.99.

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  1. Anything created by David is of the best quality. He doesn’t settle for anything less. Perfect complement to the Mac platform, he is. But his work also pushes the platform to new levels of awesomeness.

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