Microsoft establishes 12 principles for Windows development

“Microsoft has announced 12 principles by which the company will guide its development of the Windows desktop platform, starting with Windows Vista and beyond,” Darryl K. Taft reports for eWeek.

“At a New America Foundation Policy Luncheon at the National Press Club here, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s senior vice president and general counsel, outlined the principles and discussed lessons Microsoft has learned over the past 10 years based on antitrust battles, regulatory scrutiny and fierce competition in the operating system and software market in general,” Taft reports.

Taft reports, “Smith said the principles largely come from things Microsoft picked up in the consent decree the software giant signed in settling its landmark antitrust battle with the federal government, but that more recent developments led to the crafting of some of the other principles.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The real 12 principles for Windows development:
#1. We will charge our pigeons customers annually for protection from Windows itself.
#2. We will periodically release a non-binding “12 principles for Windows development” in an attempt to keep the government off our backs.
#3. We will save on lighting costs during Windows development by having our CEO light the spaghetti coding room via mouth-powered light bulb.
#4. We will strive to maintain Windows’ upside down and backwards paradigm that we established to avoid losing a “look and feel” lawsuit from Apple Computer.
#5. We will no longer threaten to “knife the baby” in back rooms. We’ll just do it preemptively whenever necessary.
#6. We will continue to encourage Web developers to use our proprietary hooks to create websites that only work with Internet Explorer.
#7. We will travel to WWDC annually to see what we can steal learn from Apple for our next version of Windows, codenamed “Rush,” due late 2112.
#8. We will maintain Windows security holes and create new ones in order to fulfill principle #1.
#9. We will continue to negatively impact world productivity by approximately 30%.
#10. We will continue to hire icon and UI designers directly from underfunded elementary schools.
#11. We will compete legally until we fail, then all bets are off.
#12. We will always sell Windows before its time.

[UPDATE: 10:46am EDT: Of course, DakRoland, you are correct. #12 changed in “Take.”]


  1. Wow, I went to the site and read the 12 items.

    I think they are a real eye opener.

    MS will work.
    It will work with others.
    It will not try to screw others.
    It will be easy to work with.
    It will. . . . . . . ahh, you get the idea.

    Apple. It just works.


  2. #1 Apple works so you can experience true productivity and creativity.
    #2-12 Enjoy productivity and creativity.

    MDN word == “Asked” as in “when asked how close the new windows OS was to completion, Balmer replied “I don’t have time to answer your question. I’m too busy running my antivirus scan and defrag. Plus I have to shine my head with marinara sauce so I can get the light bulb in my mouth to work.”

  3. From the article: “….Regarding the ongoing battle Microsoft is having with the European Union, Smith said he hopes these principles can help.”.

    In other words, provided we look sincere maybe those dummies at the EU will believe us. If Neelie Kroes fall for that one, she should give up.

    Hopefully the EU will hit them hard where it hurts.

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