Washington Times: If you want a stylish, great, capable portable, buy an Apple MacBook

“It may not be the most economic way of field testing equipment, but lugging a laptop computer to a place such as Ephesus on the shores of the Aegean Sea is one effective way to give Apple Computer’s MacBook a workout,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times.

Kellner writes, “When the MacBook was first announced, and when my only experience with it was hunched over a display unit in an Apple Store in Montgomery County, I had some worries about the keyboard.”

“Unlike previous Mac portables, this keyboard is a bit more of the “Chiclets” style, as noted earlier. Well, having had almost a month of daily typing, and more than 10 days disconnected from any external keyboard, I think it’s safe to say that the MacBook’s typing surface is much more than adequate,” Kellner reports. “I find myself making few mistakes, and even the touch pad doesn’t send the cursor flying around the screen anywhere nearly as often as other computer’s touch pads have done. I could live quite happily with the keyboard on the road, at meetings and even around the house; though having external options, wired or wireless, is quite nice.”

“The only qualm I’ve had with this notebook is heat. It gives off a large amount heat, and at one point it felt as if you could fry up a burger or two without effort,” Kellner reports. “Heat can be overcome with a laptop desk, or a real one; and it should be noted that even “hot,” the MacBook kept on ticking. That’s the bottom line for me: This computer took a fair amount of punishment, even a 2-foot drop, and kept on working. Final verdict: If you want a stylish, great, capable portable, buy this one. You won’t be disappointed.”

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  1. No hot, 32 bit based, egg fryer for me.

    I’ll wait for Rev 2 and the EFI firmware hacks so I know what’s really going on in there.

    Going online with a brand new technology that can download and run drivers without the OS even being loaded should scare most people.

    Bet the spooks and hackers are having a field day.

  2. Proof!!

    MacBooks in one area is 15ºF hotter and overall hotter than a similar Dell.


    No fans apparantly in MacBook’s and they are there in the Dells.

    Did Intel mislead Apple about the true heat of the Core Duo’s?

    Did Dell know better because they have worked with Intel before and thus included fans anyway?

    Hmmm. With Rev 2 hopefully Apple would learn a few things about their new chip supplier.

  3. I am willing to bet that rev 2 will be as hot or hotter. Why is it that everyone seems to think that their own personal gripe with any new computer is a “fault” that will be fixed later. Did it ever occur to you that Apple knows that the Macbook can easily take the heat, that it is not some oversight, and that they know that it won’t be a deciding factor with the vast majority of folks? Their next revision of the Macbook is likely to be faster and thus likely to be hotter.

  4. MacCrab:

    Dells may be cooler because of the huge cases they’re packed it.

    After all, the MacBook is only an inch thick, closed. A Dell with a Core Duo is probably closer to 2″ thick and weighs 8 pounds.

  5. MacCrab said:

    “MacBooks in one area is 15ºF hotter and overall hotter than a similar Dell.”

    OK… and it is 6.3ºF cooler in another, and the overall temperature difference was 1.675ºF – less than 2% difference and probably within the margin of error of the measuring method.

    What’s the freaking point? Not that I would buy that ugly @ss Dull in a million years, but I don’t buy my computers based on temperature.

    “No fans apparantly in MacBook’s and they are there in the Dells.”

    I would rather my computer run a little hotter and be quiet as a mouse than whine like a jet engine. The cube, fanless CRT iMacs, and the current iMacs are so quiet you hardly know they are on. My first Gen Dual G5 makes almost no noise most of the time (powered on 24X7X365 for a few years now). Every few days the fans turn on a little for about 8 seconds. The new optical drive I just upgraded makes more noise when it runs.

    There are SO MANY reasons why Apple Products are better that I won’t even list them here. To try and convince someone that the Dull is better because it is 1.675º cooler… Wow, that’s mind-numbingly stupid.

    But then again, I guess that’s Dell’s target audience.

  6. I know the article is about the new MacBook, but people have always bitched about how hot Apple’s laptops get. I have a 1.5 GHz. Powerbook, and it never really gets that hot at all. WTF?

  7. I know the article is about the new MacBook, but people have always bitched about how hot Apple’s laptops get. I have a 1.5 GHz. Powerbook, and it never really gets that hot at all. WTF?

    It’s because one area of the Macbook’s gets incredibly hot.

    Over 120ºF in fact, which is quite a shock coming from a warm G4.

    Apple could have done a better job dissipating the heat.

    Then of course the batteries are swelling too.

    I’ll wait for Rev. 2 with the Core Duo 2’s thank you.

  8. I can only compare it to a 12″ powerbook – the heat is much more bearable on the Macbook as its not where you rest your wrist! I’m sure it is hotter but at least its not burning my hands anymore.

  9. My wife has a maacbook pro. She finds the heat uncomfortable and uses a cloth on her lap. I don’t find it that hot and regularly use it for several hours sitting on my bare leg. I guess different people have different levels of discomfort. It is by far the best laptop we have ever used and pure joy to work with. If you are letting the heat issue keep you away DON’T!!!!

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