Research In Motion CEO has no comment regarding rumored ‘AppleBerry’

“Media features and lifestyle applications will be key to the ability of Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry e-mail device to capture a bigger slice of the broader consumer market, the company’s co-chief executive said on Tuesday,” Wojtek Dabrowski reports for Reuters.

“Balsillie declined to answer a question about the possibility of RIM partnering with Apple Computer Inc. to create what has been dubbed by some as the AppleBerry, a device combining the BlackBerry’s features with iTunes music software, and potentially with camera and video capabilities,” Dabrowski reports.

“He did not say whether any talks with Apple regarding a potential partnership had taken place,” Dabrowski reports. “Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek wrote in a note last month an AppleBerry combination would have ‘huge merit’ and could take several forms, including Apple’s iTunes being embedded into RIM’s devices, or a completely new device co-developed by the two companies.”

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  1. I went by the bank and asked them if they had completed the wire transfer of $10,000,000 into my account. They declined to answer, so I speculate that it’s about to happen. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I have checked out my coworkers Blackberry and it is a very cool device. But, after looking at the included software, I was very disappointed with the lack of Macintosh compatibility. There’s some 3rd party stuff available, but it shows me how much work needs to be done by Apple.

    Unless there has been a lot of work being done in secret iPhone project cubicles in Cupertino, I don’t see anything really happening. Well, perhaps another licensing thing, similar to the Motorola ROKR. I hope that we will see something from this.

    I wish the best of luck to the people involved in this.

  3. Eh… I support BlackBerrys here at work and cannot say I am hugely impressed.

    For wireless email, they generally work great.

    BlackBerry Desktop IntelliSync is a flakey piece of junk, however. If it runs into an Outlook calendar item it doesn’t like (who knows why) the whole app will crash and kill your sync. Then you have to edit a config file to enable logging, crash it again, find the meeting that blew it up, and delete it.

    Also, it will not necessarily make your blackberry inbox match your Outlook inbox when you sync. Only messages that came in to both places originally, then were read/moved/deleted seem to get synced. Lame.

  4. If RIM was not working with Apple he would say NO.

    If RIM was working with Apple, then he would not say anything. If he did and Jobs found out, then that would be the end of the colaboration.

    Plausable non-denial.

  5. PLEASE… NO camera, music player crap in a phone… ALL with 5 minutes of battery life! Yippeeee

    If I need to take pictures, I HAVE a camera. A real one.
    If I want to listen to music, I HAVE an iPod.
    If I need to access my calendar and contacts, I’ve got my Palm.
    Then I’ve got my phone. Yeah, it has a camera and games and other crap that I NEVER use. Just give me a higher capacity battery instead!

    And I’ve got USB charger cables for each to connect to my PowerBook.

    The Bottom line for me?
    If ONE of them craps out, I’m still able to function!
    if I have ONE device that “does it all”™ and one of those things dies, or the battery dies… I’m SCREWED.

    A Treo with the same size screen as my Palm TX would be great… without the miniscule buttons. I’d happily give up the dedicated Palm, if it had software phone functionality, and phone for that.

  6. Yes, doesn’t ANYONE make a Bluetooth phone without the stupid camera?! Just give me a Bluetooth phone with full contact and calendar support and possible e-mail. NO games, cameras, video downloads, ringtones, etc.

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