Apple Computer stock gains 4.4%  on analyst’s upbeat comments

“Apple (AAPL : $52.92, +$2.25, +4.4% ) benefited from positive comments issued by a Piper Jaffray analyst ahead of results expected Wednesday from the maker of Mac computers and iPod digital-music players. Gene Munster, the analyst, said he expects the company’s results to outpace expectations, based on his checks with Apple retailers and on data from market researcher NPD,” Michael Paige reports for MarketWatch.

Full article and current quote here.

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  1. “Yaaaaah, gainin’ a little weight here. I guess I expect that I should be expectin’ soon. ‘Course, my expectations ain’t real high er nuttin’, seein’ as how I expect to be knocked up by another twenty cheatin’ husbands tonight … all of ’em expectin’ some form of escape from their expectin’ wives. Say, ain’t ‘expectin” a weird word?”

  2. This is a stupid game Piper Jeffery and other analysts have been playing with Apple’s stock for several months now… driving down the price so they can buy in bulk at a low price, then forcing the price back up agian so they gain a profit. Whenever an analyst comments on Apple stock, just check their own, or partners, buying patterns and you will see the game they play. These analyst are playing BS with Apple (and other’s) stocks and the market for their own gain, it has nothing to do with equity value or high-low projections.

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